Ask John McCain about his Hispanic outreach director, Juan Hernandez (former Mexican government official)

John McCain's Hispanic outreach director [1] is Juan Hernandez, a U.S.-Mexico dual citizen and former Mexican government official who said the following in 2001 about Mexican immigrants to the U.S.:
"I want the third generation, the seventh generation, I want them all to think 'Mexico first.'"
He also said [2]:
"We must not only have a free flow of goods and services, but also start working for a free flow of people."
Now, he's working for John McCain.

However, what McCain knows is that no one in the MSM is ever going to question his hiring accepting the volunteer efforts of [3] a pro-open borders Mexican partisan and former Mexican government official. Based on his easy deflection of immigration questions - and the fact that almost no one has put his responses on video sharing sites (except, as far as I know, back in June), and the fact that the MSM covers for him - he knows he'll never get blowback from this.

So, that means it's up to you. If you want to sink McCain's candidacy, go to his campaign events and read those quotes to him and ask him to renounce them and fire dump Hernandez [3]. Then, upload his response to video sharing sites.

More on this here, here, here, and here.

Hernandez was previously Director of the Office for Mexicans Living Abroad until there was apparently some sort of falling out involving him or someone else. That office then became the Institute for Mexicans Abroad, with several of their members involved in pushing Mexico's agenda in the U.S. An Illinois state senator, Democrat Martin Sandoval, even serves on their board while at the same time pretending to serve U.S. interests.

UPDATE: Jerome Corsi offers this:
McCain campaign spokesman Brian Rogers emphasized to WND that Hernandez is "a non-paid volunteer to the campaign, and he does not play a policy role."

"Juan works with us to reach out to the Hispanic community to meet with the folks in the various states," Rogers said.

Asked if the McCain campaign has repudiated Hernandez's "Mexico first" declarations, Rogers did not give a direct answer.
Let's hope he stands by him a little longer, but even if he throws him overboard you can still ask him what he was thinking.

UPDATE 2: More on this here.

A roundup of his cable TV greatest hits is here; it includes him promoting a North American security cordon - just not a Union - as well as cheap vegetables. So-far-unwatched videos that might have something are here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. If he says something on those that can be incorporated into an anti-McCain video, please leave a comment.

You can hear his 2001 Nightline quote here.

From 2001 (link):
"I never knew the border as a limitation. I'd be delighted if all of us could come and go between these two marvelous countries," Hernandez, 45, said in a recent interview...

"Those who don't like [my activities with the Office and his dual citizenship], I'm sorry. But there are 20 million of us," Hernandez said. "There are 20 million people that have one foot here and one foot there."

...Hernandez has lobbied to make life easier for Mexican migrants in the United States. He has worked to cut the costs of money transfers, helped win lower tuition at Texas state universities and urged U.S. states to loosen restrictions on drivers' licenses [in addition to less controversial proposals]...
From 2002:
Writing in National Review (October 12, 1998) Jorge Amselle (like Linda Chavez, a pro-immigration Latino Republican) warned that, "The Mexican government through its promotion of bilingual education and of dual nationality and voting is actively subverting the assimilative process of Americanization…."

Amselle was referring to the official Mexican government policy of acercamiento ("getting closer" or "establishing a bond") to "Mexican communities abroad," meaning both Mexican citizens living in the United States and Mexican Americans who are U.S. citizens. This policy was started by the old PRI regime and has been considerably expanded by Fox. The spirit of this policy is exemplified by Juan Hernandez, a Texas-born Mexican-American dual citizen, who is Fox's cabinet minister for Mexicans Abroad...

...Two years ago, before Fox became president, his current national-security adviser, Adolfo Aguilar Zinser, advocated a policy in which the Mexican government would work politically with the "20 million Mexicans" in the U.S. to advance Mexican "national interests." In El Siglo de Torreon on May 5, 2000, Zinser attacked American attempts to stop illegal immigrants from crossing the border. He declared that "Mexicans are subjected every day to mean-spirited acts and their rights are permanently threatened by ambitious politicians who are hunting for the Anglo vote." After disparaging the "reactionary Senator Jessie Helms," Zinser recommended that Mexico "find allies in the U.S. political system" particularly among "Liberal Democrats, labor unions, civil rights organizations, and social movements."
UPDATE 3: Someone went to a McCain event and asked him about this; the question wasn't as good as could have been but at least it might have started the ball rolling. And, Mark Krikorian raises the possibility that Hernandez could be stripped of his U.S. citizenship due to working for the Mexican government, and also quotes from the oath that Vicente Fox gave; whether Hernandez' was the same or similar isn't known (link).

UPDATE 4: The backstory of Hernandez' office being replaced with the IME is here, including a few more quotes from him.

UPDATE 5: Even as he works for McCain, Hernandez serves on the U.S. Council of Mexico's PAN Party (National Action Party): link, link.

[3] Let's take John McCain's spokesman at his word that Hernandez is a "non-paid volunteer" to the campaign. Being very precise will also help avoid McCain trying to obfuscate the issue. Note that, as pointed out at the first link in UPDATE 2, Hernandez is a Senior Fellow at the McCain-linked Reform Institute, and I'd imagine he's receiving some money for that. However, if you ask McCain about this craft the question in such a way that he can't raise minor points.


Yes old McCain will be willing to sell us out for the ideals of mexico city. "kids we have no real government", only a government of force of arms, do this if you thing I am nut's go out and ask a cop what did HE/SHE do today and find out what will happen to you! "Look people", we our a capture Nation under the control of our real enemies, I ask you to see it for what it is. But most want to live in shit.

I called McCain2008 about Juan Hernandez. Their official position is that he is an unpaid volunteer. I told them that just when some Americans were forgetting about McCains Amnesty to bring Henandez in is perhaps the worst political mistake in campaign history.

Just goes to show the lack of intelligence of McCain...Why.... he can't even cover up his weakest link!! This is gonna blow his campaign ooughta the water...I can just see his blood pressure rise when someone asks him about this at one of his campaign stumps.......SHAMNESTY PIG!!

Does he have a White outreach director? Never mind.

"Those who don't like [my activities with the Office and his dual citizenship], I'm sorry. But there are 20 million of us," Hernandez said. "There are 20 million people that have one foot here and one foot there." Well, I say it is time to get an axe and start asking which foot they want lopped off.

I have seen this guy on TV many times and he is incredibly arrogant and almost taunting about you (opponents to U.S.-Mexico integration) not being able to do anything about it. Props to LW for saying 'do something' and Dennis D for doing it. Here's the latest from Juan and his Amnesty All-Stars:,0116-hernandez.pdf

Trying to read that pro-amnesty and anti US link Amanda posted is like being in a reeducation camp. Every single one of them thinks the avg American is gullible. It is shamelessly biased from the beginning. Down playing American fears as "anti-US values" and making up stats to appear they are common sense and in our best interest. BULLSHIT!! Tamar Jacoby is also a contributer and that should say it all! She is the top gun in the wide open borders treason lobby. OMG is she one ugly dude too! Tell me would you trust this?

McCain,Grahm,MEl Martinez and now Juan Hernanadez.Mccain endorsed by the New York Times and Geraldo Riverra yesterday (to a extent)what a powerfull open borders group.If the folks in Flordia consider illegal immigration a serious issue and want a president who will try and stop it they will not vote for McCain and the amnesty gang.Romney is the last best choice.NumbersUsa rates Romney as best concerning illegal immigration.

Yet they are saying the race is close in Florida...Have all those old coots gone senile??? How stupid can they be to support that LYING WEASEL MCCAIN??!!! I just don't get it.....Fools.... all of them!!!

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Hernandez's final statement "it‘s not two countries; it‘s just a region” pretty much says it all. Is that what you believe, Sen. McCain? If not, why in the world do you have someone with such a radical view working for you? TANCREDO: I had a great argument one time with a gentleman by the name of Juan Hernandez who was at that time the minister of that ministry that I just mentioned, the Ministry for Mexicans Living in the United States. And I asked him that very question. What he told me the purpose of his ministry was to push people into the United States, it was to—by the way, it was also AFC work with them so that they did—he was with the community, he said. He was three days a week in the United States, four in Mexico. By the way, he himself is a dual citizen born in Texas, university—teaching at the University of Texas and on the Vicente Fox cabinet. And he said, “I work with the community in the United States, the Mexican community because I don‘t want them essentially going native on us. We want them continually tied emotionally, linguistically, politically to Mexico, because then they‘ll continue to send money home.” And I said to him, that does not sound like—you know, you‘re doing something that‘s actually the act of an unfriendly government. CARLSON: Well, of course, it doesn‘t in any way serve American interests. It undermines our country in a pretty direct and direct and obvious way. TANCREDO: Tucker, his response. Let me tell you his response. CARLSON: Yes. TANCREDO: At the end he goes, “Congressman,” in an incredibly condescending way. He goes, “Congressman, it‘s not two countries; it‘s just a region.” CARLSON: That is not my view, to put it mildly. TANCREDO: Not mine either.

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