Dreams Across America: all aboard the pro-illegal immigration train

"Dreams Across America" [1] is the latest stunt from supporters of a massive illegal alien amnesty, consisting of about 100 people taking a train Washington DC to lobby for "reform". You can read the MSM's take here.

They have at least one minor, indirect link to the Mexican government: when they arrive in DC they "will join hundreds of immigrant children and their families at an event organized by the Fair Immigration Reform Movement" [2]. One of the latter's member groups is the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, headed by the Mexico-linked Juan Salgado.

However, in a deft move, it appears that all of those on the train are either native-born or naturalized citizens rather than illegal aliens as was the case with 2003's "Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride". That is, needless to say, simply a ploy: what they support involves giving illegal aliens amnesty; any additional rights for legal immigrants are a minor part of what they want.

In addition to the fun vacation, they're also sharing their heart-warming stories in a series of web videos. There certainly aren't enough heart-warming stories about struggling immigrants in the MSM, right?

And, in another move indicating that they continue to learn how to hide what they really want, not all the videos are from Hispanics. One of the videos even features "Rusty Hicks tell[ing] the story of his migration from Texas to Los Angeles" [3]. Such internal migration is hardly any different from someone sneaking across the border and then buying fake documentation to work here illegally, right?

And, in an ironic twist, one of the participants appears to be a beneficiary of the 1986 amnesty.

One of the movers behind the current group is the Catholic Church including the "Pedophile Protector" himself, Cardinal Roger Mahoney. Another is sol-california.com, which appears to be a pan-union effort with board members from the AFL-CIO (Maria Elena Durazo), SEIU Local 1877 (Mike Garcia), President, SEIU United Healthcare Workers - West (Sal Roselli), and UNTIE HERE State Political Director Jack Gribbon. Contact persons for SOL are Javier Gonzalez and Elda Martinez.

Another person involved is HuffPost contributor and former Howard Dean CA chair Rick Jacobs; he heads the "Courage Campaign" [4]. The CC has some interesting indirect links to George Soros [5]; whether they have direct links isn't known. For some reason the CC's Youtube icon [6] is of Fabian Nunez. Their most-watched video only has about 1300 views (thanks largely to Crooks and Liars): youtube.com/watch?v=qs63p3_IdNs . It features a landscaper (Cathy Gurney) whining about not being able to find labor. While I don't endorse the words used in the following comment left on that video, the underlying spirit is accurate:

this bitch is a liar....she cant get legal employees because she wont offer a living wage...she is the epitomy of the evil employer....booohooohooo...i cant find legal employees....hey cathy, offer 20 bux an hour and legal employees will come out of the woodwork

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I find it absolutely incredible that any union would support the "CIR" bill. The "CIR" would facilitate union busting like nothing before. Especially the Nursing unions since the proposed expanded H1-B would now permit the mass importation of indentured nursing labor from India and the Philippines. The Indian Labor Arbitrage firms like Tata have been anticipating the "CIR" by building nursing diploma mills.

I know most conservative are certain that all liberals are deluded multiculturalist loonies who back "CIR". It is simply not the case. There are still many old fashioned pro-labor nationalist New Deal Democrats out there. The Democratic base's revolt against open borders is only about 6 months or so behind the Republicans. Check the reaction to Rick Jacobs over at the Huffington Post. Remember the HUFFPO deletes any post that is the least bit angry. I was able to post a couple of times. However, I was not able to mention NumbersUSA. I wonder why?? http://www.huffingtonpost.com/rick-jacobs/immigration-on-the-train_b_52086.html

_While I don't endorse the words..._ Oh come on. Go ahead, endorse 'em -- you'll feel better. Let that anger and your honest feelings flow.

What is the purpose of this article? Does the author intend to say that no immigrants should ever come to this country? I would like to see this individual look into his/her own genealogical record to see how far immigration really is from his/her past and present. All of us who were born in and live in this country are here as a result of the immigration of our relatives; some recent, some in the more distant past. I, for instance, am Scottish, although the majority of my family has been here for more than 200 years, and I am proud of that heritage. I am also proud to be able to distinguish myself from other European descendants because of this heritage and certainly support the rights of others to come to this country, just as my relatives did, while also maintaining their culture and language. The most ignorant aspect of this article is the unfounded assumption that all immigrants are illegally present in this country, when this is clearly not the case. Every single participant on the Dreams Across America tour is LEGALLY in the U.S. and each one of them represents thousands of others. The purpose of this event is to educate individuals like the author of this article on how these Americans came here, the difficulties they have faced, the contributions they have made to this country, and the love they have for this country that can often far exceed that of native born U.S. citizens. If the author of this article reads my comments, I would challenge him/her and anyone who holds similar views to consider whether immigrants from Europe and Asia would receive the same treatment and assumption of illegality as is being directed largely toward those from Latin America. Please take a look into your views and beliefs on this subject and seriously question how racially and prejudicially motivated your mindset is and perhaps you will begin to realize that our history is not so different from their present.