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Mark Krikorian's dereliction of duty: he puts personal issues ahead of stopping amnesty (Center for Immigration Studies) - 12/18/14

As the head of the Center for Immigration Studies ("CIS"), Mark Krikorian has a responsibility to all CIS supporters to use all possible legal means to stop amnesty. Shockingly, Krikorian has rejected - purely out of personal pique - even considering a specific technique that is guaranteed to stop Obama's amnesty.

Why you shouldn't be duped by Ian Urbina (New York Times, immigration detention) - 05/25/14

Ian Urbina of the New York Times offers "Using Jailed Migrants as a Pool of Cheap Labor" (link). At the best, it's agenda-driven journalism, and if you respond in the way Urbina and the NYT want you to, you'll help make the situation even worse.

Amnesty fans cheer GOP, Teaparty mostly ignoring immigration to oppose Obamacare (NumbersUSA, Tea Party "Patriots") - 08/20/13

Jim Avila and Serena Marshall of ABC News enthusiastically offer "Obamacare Backlash Leaves Room for Immigration Reform to Breathe" ( ). It covers how those who should be opposing amnesty are either AWOL yet again, or aren't doing things correctly.

MPI claims immigration enforcement costs more than FBI, DEA, etc. - 01/07/13

[UPDATE: see the questions for those using the study]

Legal Workforce Act: too many concessions to US Chamber of Commerce? (eVerify, HR 2164) - 06/18/11

A group of House members [1] have introduce the "Legal Workforce Act" ("LFA"), which would require the use of eVerify by most workers nationwide. That would presumably make it difficult for companies to employ illegal aliens.

GOP leaders want hearings on birthright citizenship; bogus political ploy? (McCain, Graham) - 08/03/10

* Lindsey Graham - someone frequently known as "Grahamnesty" due to his support for comprehensive immigration reform - recently said he might introduce a constitutional amendment to revoke the practice of birthright citizenship (for the children of illegal aliens; see UPDATE 3) [1]. * Jon Kyl - someone who in 2000 recommended the sister of the head of the National Council of La Raza for a judgeship - came out in support of holding hearings on the matter. * Just today, John McCain - previously the top Republican Senator supporting amnesty - also called for hearings on the matter. * Mitch...

The "war" against amnesty has two fronts: its supporters, and its incompetent or corrupt opponents - 03/18/10

If you oppose comprehensive immigration reform - aka amnesty - you aren't just fighting against its overt, "usual suspect" supporters. Another group you need to deal with are those who might at first seem to be on your side but to some degree aren't:

"Temporary" Protected Status for Haitian illegal aliens pushed by profiteers (Haiti earthquake) - 01/14/10

[TPS has been approved; see the update below] Yesterday, Janet Napolitano of the Department of Homeland Security suspended repatriations of illegal aliens from Haiti; that makes some sense as long as it's actually temporary. What doesn't make sense are the calls from some to give "Temporary Protected Status" in the U.S. to Haitian illegal aliens. The word "temporary" is generally a misnomer as that status is renewed over and over. TPS would be an infected band-aid that wouldn't fix Haiti's structural problems and in some cases would result in importing Haiti's problems into the U.S. It would...

Peter Wallsten misleads about Lou Dobbs (now an amnesty supporter?) - 11/25/09

Peter Wallsten (formerly of the Los Angeles Times, now with the Wall Street Journal) offers "Dobbs Reaches Out to Latinos, With Politics in Mind" (link), which contains this misleading statement (bolding added): (Lou Dobbs) is working to repair what a spokesman conceded is a glaring flaw: His reputation for antipathy toward Latino immigrants. In a little-noticed interview Friday, Mr. Dobbs told Spanish-language network Telemundo he now supports a plan to legalize millions of undocumented workers, a stance he long lambasted as an unfair "amnesty." Now, to help illustrate why Wallsten is being...

Janet Murguia spins "La Raza" and their promotion of extremist groups - 08/06/09

Janet Murguia of the National Council of La Raza takes to the pages of the Huffington Post to offer "There They Go Again: Tom Tancredo, Mark Krikorian and the Politics of Hate and Fear" ( See the earlier National Council of La Raza promotes radical groups for the backstory. She says: Krikorian of CIS joined in yesterday trying to give Tancredo's rant some credence by harping on the term "La Raza," as in "The National Council of La Raza." Both Tancredo and CIS claim this term translates pejoratively into "The Race"...

NCLR makes hay out of opponents' mistakes (Sotomayor) - 06/03/09

One would think that a group that gave an award to someone who'd proposed genocide wouldn't have much of a chance at beating their opponents. Yet, the National Council of La Raza is in the lucky position that most of their leading opposition doesn't have a clue about that organization or doesn't have a clue about the best way to oppose them. (For those curious, the way to oppose them is simple: just tell the truth. See the extensive summary of their activities at the last link.)

Stephen Bainbridge, Matt Yglesias embarrass themselves in support of illegal immigration (minorities, bailout) - 09/28/08

A few days ago, Michelle Malkin offered "Illegal immigration and the mortgage mess" (link). Now, if there's one thing that the corrupt on both the right and the left can agree on it's that illegal immigration is the best thing since 8ulova watches. Thus it is that UCLA Professor Stephen Bainbridge [1] offers "They Make You Embarrassed to be a Conservative" in which he ironically embarrasses himself (link): ...the raving of people like Malkin and Krikorian [2] should be taking place in a padded room in Arkham Asylum not in the public discourse... Put simply, the freezing up of the credit...

Ask John McCain about his Hispanic outreach director, Juan Hernandez (former Mexican government official) - 01/25/08

John McCain's Hispanic outreach director [1] is Juan Hernandez, a U.S.-Mexico dual citizen and former Mexican government official who said the following in 2001 about Mexican immigrants to the U.S.: "I want the third generation, the seventh generation, I want them all to think 'Mexico first.'" He also said [2]: "We must not only have a free flow of goods and services, but also start working for a free flow of people." Now, he's working for John McCain. However, what McCain knows is that no one in the MSM is ever going to question his hiring accepting the volunteer efforts of [3] a pro-...

Illegal aliens and social security - 01/07/08

John McCain has recently complained that a Mitt Romney ad was misleading about his record in regards to illegal aliens receiving Social Security benefits. From the ad, as discussed on Fox News Sunday (link): McCain pushed to let every illegal immigrant stay here permanently. He even voted to allow illegals to collect Social Security. As Chris Wallace points out, that's misleading.

Mike Huckabee's immigration plan announced - 12/06/07

[UPDATES below] Mike Huckabee has released his immigration plan (link). It has as few details but isn't as strong as Mitt Romney's immigration plan. It's also not as detailed nor as strong as Fred Thompson's immigration plan.

Kathleen Henehan/Media Matters promotes economic benefits of illegal immigration - 09/26/07

"K.H." of Media Matters for America - presumably Kathleen Henehan - discusses a recent Los Angeles Times guest editorial from Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies in a post entitled 'In LA Times op-ed, Krikorian cherry-picked "anecdotal evidence" on immigration crackdown' (

New York Times alludes to Mexican meddling via consulates (Little Rock) - 05/23/07

Randal Archibold of the New York Times offers "Debate Raging, Mexico Adds to Consulates in U.S." about Mexico's latest outpost, this one in Little Rock, Arkansas. Somewhat to my surprise, they actually include some of the downsides and question some of Mexico's motives although, of course, they don't go far enough. This is just a fly-in report, not investigative journalism: Increasingly, [Mexico's consulates] are also acting as influential free agents in a broken immigration system that Congress is trying to overhaul. As the consulate that opened last month in Little Rock illustrates, the...

Tamar Jacoby: "Stop chasing that busboy" - 02/20/07

Tamar Jacoby becomes a caricature of herself (again), offering "Stop chasing that busboy" (via this). That's part of an online debate with Mark Krikorian of CIS. For those who haven't been following along, the "busboy canard" is a stock talking point from the massive immigration/pro-illegal immigration crowd. The argument is that our border guards should chasing terrorists and such, and chasing busboys, gardeners, greenskeepers, and the like distracts them from that mission. I've already dealt with one of her "arguments": It was all but impossible to enforce Prohibition. Now, let's deal with...

Tamar Jacoby reiterates pro-busboy, pro-gardener stance - 01/29/07

Tamar Jacoby debated Mark Krikorian of CIS at the National Review Institute's Conservative Summit over the weekend.

"Open-Borders Advocates Distort Election Results" - 11/20/06

As previously discussed, massive immigration supporting hacks like Fred Barnes, Linda Chavez, Tamar Jacoby, the Wall Street Journal editorial page, Arlen Specter, and Michael Barone among others have tried to claim that some GOP losses were due to opposition to an illegal alien amnesty. How this is wrong was discussed in NRO on Graf/Hayworth election results myth among other entries. And, Mark Krikorian of CIS offers this: ...The open-borders crowd scavenged for results they hoped would confirm their pre-packaged conclusions. A favorite was the defeat of two Republican immigration hawks...

Whatever will we do without child labor? - 03/29/06

In October, Mark Krikorian of CIS testified before the Senate Committee on the Judiciary about "Comprehensive Immigration Reform II" (cis dot org/articles/2005/msktestimony101805o.html). As their recent actions show, they weren't paying attention:

Could Paris happen here? - 11/17/05

Mark Krikorian offers "L'Intifada en Los Estados Unidos" (link), which discusses a few points previously made here: 1. The guest/temporary worker schemes will result in millions of people coming here to stay. 2. Those millions - mostly from Mexico - will give that country even more power over us than they already have. 3. If we tried to kick them out, it would result in civil unrest similar to that in Paris.

With 400,000 employees using the same SSN, can you trust anything Bush says? - 10/22/05

The WaPo's "Little Support for Bush Immigration Plan" has comments about his scheme from Mark Krikorian of CIS as well as from Jeanne Butterfield, executive director of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, referred to by the WaPo as "liberal".

Los Angeles Times on Matricula Consular cards - 09/27/05

Jennifer Delson and Anna Gorman of the Los Angeles Times cover the latest on Mexico's Matricula Consular cards (aka "IDs for illegals") in "Mexico's ID Makes Major Gains in U.S.". They report that other countries are getting into the act, including Colombia, Argentina, El Salvador and Honduras.

"Why Some Would-Be Immigration Reformers Don't Have the Answer" - 09/14/05

Mark Krikorian discusses the "reality" of those who are pushing for immigration "reform": The Senate is again considering various proposals to address our massive illegal-alien problem, and the competing bills have one thing in common: They claim to offer "realistic" solutions to the supposedly unrealistic desire to enforce the law.

Why the Democrats won't oppose illegal immigration - 08/19/05

Mark Krikorian paints a bleak picture in "Liberal Two-Step: Dems pay lip service only on border control", outlining the interest groups that favor massive legal and illegal immigration, including: - the environmental establishment - the ACLU - Big Labor - the black establishment - the race groups Here's the ACLU bit: The group refused an open-and-shut free speech case in New York City a

Why isn't Bush doing the job he swore he'd do? - 08/01/05

Matthew Dowd, "who was the chief strategist for the 2004 Bush-Cheney campaign, is the senior adviser to the Republican National Committee" has a guest editorial in the NYT entitled "The Mexican Evolution". Basically, it says that because of the lower birth rate in Mexico, we don't need to worry that much about illegal immigration from that country. In fact, he thinks we might have seen the highwater mark. That's a relief!

"Liberal" study illustrates failed "liberal" immigration policies - 07/26/05

The Center for American Progress has released a study (press release) that claims it would cost at least $41 billion a year to deport all illegal aliens.

Rich Lowry on the McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill - 05/27/05

From NRO: This bipartisan deal cut by Sen. John McCain is noxious. No, the issue isn't judges. (Or campaign finance, or health care, or any number of other things.) It's illegal immigration and a proposal that has just been cooked up by the Arizona maverick and the Massachusetts non-maverick Sen.

Why the Kennedy-McCain mass amnesty is important - 05/13/05

It probably doesn't stand much of a chance of passing, but it's important for two reasons: 1. We probably didn't need any more data points, but it will make sure that the American public never takes the phrase "President McCain" seriously. 2.

Has the Springfield Republican been radicalized? - 02/27/05

You've probably never heard of the Springfield (Mass.) Republican newspaper, but the article "Hispanics get call to political action" from Natalia Munoz seems of interest: ...A far-reaching campaign to stir political action by [Western Mass.] immigrants with and without legal papers was ignited yesterday with a talk by representatives from the Cambridge-based Centro Presente, which works with the Central American community in the state. "There is an anti-immigrant environment here," said executive director María Elena Letona. "The hypocrisy of this country is that it denies immigrants rights...

"Should the U.S. get tough on illegal workers? Yes" - 12/26/04

Mark Krikorian of CIS: Sometimes it seems that the only people who are expected to comply with the immigration law are nominees for cabinet posts... ...A humane but uncompromising effort would welcome legal newcomers but do everything possible to prevent illegals from entering the country and prevent those who got through from living a normal life here. Such a policy would cause the illegal population to start declining through attrition, eventually reducing the problem to a manageab

"Mexico plans to step up immigration-policy pressure in 2005" - 12/21/04

Bring it on: Mexican President Vicente Fox's renewed efforts to lobby for change in U.S. immigration policy may hurt his cause more than help it and could galvanize opposition in a divided American Congress, senior U.S. officials said. The Mexican government is planning a multipronged effort in the United States on behalf of the millions of Mexicans working without proper documentation [i.e., illegal aliens].

"Not in the mood for guests" - 11/30/04

U.S. News discusses Bush's "guest worker" plan: Back in 2001, George W. Bush, a newly elected president from a border state, had immigration on his mind. Within weeks of his inauguration, Bush vowed to extend a hand to Mexico, making an ambitious guest-worker proposal a hallmark of his administration. The president's dream was dashed by 9/11; tightening border controls, not loosening them, became the priority.

The morality of delousing pens - 11/22/04

Professor Bainbridge has yet another post supporting Bush's "guest worker" plan. Not only that he's linking to a yet another column by Jason Riley of the WSJ that supports the plan. Bainbridge seems to think Bush-style "immigration reform" is the moral choice.

"Guest-worker measure awaits a new Congress" - 11/15/04

From the SacBee: ...Bush is signaling renewed attention to immigration. That's heartening advocates of reform, dismaying skeptics and raising questions of both strategy and tactics... With a filibuster-proof 63 senators already co-sponsors, the AgJobs bill could be poised to move. Supporters, many of them organized through the Agriculture Coalition for Immigration Reform, hope for Senate action by spring. Sen.

Splintered Plank: The White House spins and misses on immigration - 08/26/04

Mark Krikorian of CIS offers a must-read article on the draft GOP platform in "Splintered Plank: The White House spins and misses on immigration:" The administration's effort to choreograph the platform's approach to immigration - an exertion greater than those undertaken in behalf of other platform issues - clearly shows that the White House knows its views are not shared by most Republicans.

"Post-Americans: They've just 'grown' beyond their country." - 06/22/04

Mark Krikorian nails the Wall Street Journal's latest desperate smear attempt: The Wall Street Journal editorial page published another of its periodic eructations on immigration last week.

Another pointless immigration debate - 06/07/04

CNN apparently held a round table on immigration, and here's the transcript: Sesno Reports: Press One for English. Eleanor Holmes Norton serves as one of the Voices of Stupidity, Mark Krikorian serves as one of the Voices of Sanity, and Ted Leonsis, vice chairman, America Online serves as the Voice of Inanity. It would have been much better with many fewer participants who could provide an in-depth discussion, rather than Sesno constantly turning to Leonsis for his heart-warming but pointless view.

"The high-immigration Right is on the warpath" - 04/02/04

From Mark Krikorian in National Review [1]: