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Jacki Temple
INFP-A. I'm a Team Rubicon Greyshirt, an artist, a curler w/ Olympic dreams, a photographer, an adventurer, and recently completed a one-day 36-mile hike.
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From @ChrisCuomo
So many are asking how to help in Bahamas. First, thank you for caring. There are many orgs that are or will be inv…
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From @JakeWoodTR
@ChrisCuomo @TeamRubicon Man, unreal to see all the haters on this tweet. Really? You’re gonna come at this man for…
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From @jackitemple
@JakeWoodTR @ChrisCuomo @TeamRubicon Thanks, @JakeWoodTR for being amazing, as always, and thanks @ChrisCuomo for…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@jackitemple: @ChrisCuomo - not exactly a rugged survivalist - hypes a celebrity chef who - instead of helping #PuertoRico get staples & the means to prepare them - made them dependent on him making them gourmet sandwiches. Opposite of "teach a man to fish".