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NRA pisses me off. GOP pisses me off putting $ before people. tRUmp is the #WorstPotusEver and needs impeached #TheResistance
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From @anniekarni
One clear financial loser in this chaotic story: Trey Gowdy, who lost his Fox News contract for a job he’s never go…
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From @jsnpritchett
@anniekarni @maggieNYT
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From @TNChick67
@anniekarni @ShimonPro Womp womp
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From @Incatnito1
@jsnpritchett @anniekarni @maggieNYT Love the tiny violin! Too cute!
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@TNChick67: @anniekarni is worse than a Tiger Beat reporter. She only covers palace intrigue & other things that will never have any impact on Trump. The last thing she'll ever do is call Trey Gowdy on agreeing with her on amnesty, even though that'd hurt him & Trump.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Trey Gowdy could be used to greatly help Trump if Karni called him on being pro-amnesty. She can't do that because she agrees with him & Trump on it. MT @anniekarni [palace intrigue on Trey Gowdy] MT @Incatnito1 [calls someone else's childish GIF in another reply "too cute"]