Can Barack Obama answer this?

Please go to Barack Obama's campaign appearances and try to ask him the question on the video (reprinted below). The media isn't going to ask politicians any difficult questions, so it's up to us to do it.

Note that the same question applies to others who spoke at the May 1 rally: U.S. Reps. Rahm Emanuel, Jan Schakowsky, and Luis Gutierrez. The last also spoke at the March 10 event, as did Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich and Chicago mayor Richard Daley.

Here's the question:

You spoke at the May 1, 2006 illegal immigration march in Chicago.

Some of the key organizers of that march have links to the Mexican government and Mexican political parties.

Leaving aside your thoughts on immigration 'reform', is it proper for a U.S. Senator to support foreign citizens marching in our streets demanding that we change our laws, especially when foreign political parties helped organize the marches?

6/30/11 UPDATE: I replaced the Netscape version of the video with the Youtube version since the former site doesn't exist anymore.

Note that I posted this a few days after I tried to ask Obama a similar question at one of his appearances. In the over four years after posting this, no one - neither MSM journalists nor citizen journalists - has asked him a question anywhere near as tough as the one above. See bad questions for examples of the types of questions he's been asked, and see question authority for an action plan to finally get politicians asked real questions.


Good luck with that stewie. An islamic president is about as likely as a woman being elected. At least you'll be off the streets for a while.

Dear Mr. Dawes. For the first time ever I will be working diligently for a presidential campaign...the Obama campaign. Why? He is for real. He will win. The people know it. Your ear mongering, and the fear mongering by many like you, is not working anymore. Your bigotry is obvious. So, I ask you, what relevence do you bring to a meaningful dialogue. You don't have any crediblity when you come from that point of view. Sincerely, Mr Carey.

This is an issue than should not elude him.

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