CNN/Youtube: Don't ask Mike Huckabee this question

Dear CNN:

Please do not choose the following video for the upcoming GOP debates.

If you ask Mike Huckabee this question, it just might end his political career, as well as showing the millions who watch the debate just how lightweight the questions the mainstream media usually asks are. So, to avoid you actually doing both a public service and your job, I urge you not to select this video. Maybe the snowman has another probing question or something.

It concerns Mike Huckabee's strong support for illegal immigration. In 2003, on a visit to Mexico, he asked Vicente Fox to establish a consulate in Arkansas. Huckabee even arranged discount office space in a state office: just $1 per year.

Since the consulate opened earlier this year, it's passed out countless "Matricula Consular" ID cards to illegal aliens. Those cards help illegal aliens send billions of dollars back home, helping to prop up the corrupt Mexican government. And, their consul even encouraged civic leaders to advocate for illegal immigration.

Even the New York Times has alluded to Mexico overstepping its bounds, and the FBI has called those ID cards a security risk.

Did I mention that Arkansas is home to major poultry processing and other firms that are widely believed to employ large numbers of illegal workers?

Please send CNN's Political Director Sam Feist an email urging him to only select the easiest, lightest-weight questions possible, so we can be entertained: sam.feist *at* More snowmen, please!


I don't quite know why, but I've been receiving e-mails from Huckabee's auto-generated campaign site. Before reading this post, they were an annoyance, but now they'll be getting some choice replies from me. That is just mind numbingly stupid. [Insert generic George Bush pleasantry] but there's just something about southern state governors as of late that makes them a bit deficient upstairs when it comes to illegal immigration. When the New York Times is wagging their finger at you about national security, you know you've got a problem!

Oh yes! show me the money bitch!

Well, well, well, I guess Mike Huckabee is too good to be true. I thought he was for real. How many jobs in Arkansas went to illegals?

Huckabee's record on illegal immigration is horrendous. He has said that it's a payback for slavery. How does that make sense? None of the illegals coming here were ever slaves in the U.S., nor were any of their ancestors. And none of the current U.S. citizens picking up the mult-billion dollar cost of illegal immigration were ever slave owners. Huckabee also says it's "un-Christian and un-American" to require voters to show a picture I.D. before voting in U.S. elections. How is it un-American to make sure that people voting in U.S. elections are actually U.S. citizens, and not illegal aliens (who can purchase voter registration cards on the streets of any major city in this country for just a few bucks)? There are 12-20 million illegals living in the U.S., and document fraud is rampant. Anyone who thinks that illegals don't vote in our elections is kidding themselves. Huckabee knows this, and he clearly wants it to continue -- just like he wants to keep providing U.S. taxpayer-subsidized college scholarships to illegal alien students. (According to the Huckster, we'd be unfairly "punishing" those illegal alien students if we denied them the U.S. taxpayer-funded scholarships). The more people find out about Huckabee's record, the more disgusted they are going to become. That's why the MSM will never ask Huckabee the hard questions. They know he's a liberal, amnesty-supporting RINO, and that's why the MSM wants him to win the Republican nomination!