Center for American Progress' indirect Mexican government link (Henry Fernandez, Kica Matos)

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Henry Fernandez, Senior Fellow at the Clinton-linked Center for American Progress, is hosting a CAP event entitled "Strange Bed Fellows? Anti-immigration Organizations and Hate Groups" on October 18 [1]. The panelists are Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center (a group indirectly linked to the Mexican government) and Devin Burghart from the Center for New Community.

Luckily, I scrolled down to the bottom of the page and I saw this:

Fernandez lives with his wife Kica Matos and their son in New Haven, Connecticut.

Matos is the former head of Junta for Progressive Action, a group that's collaborated with the Mexican government. She now works for the city and she led the effort by that city to give out their own form of ID cards which are designed for use by illegal aliens. And, Fernandez is the former campaign manager for New Haven mayor John DeStefano, someone who may have a financial stake in illegal aliens opening bank accounts.

A question: what if the interests of Hillary Clinton and the Mexican government differ? Whose side will CAP come down on?



Anyone else notice the way they interchange 'anti-immigrant organizations' and 'anti-immigration organizations'? In the twisted minds of these types, if you favor a single person less than unlimited immigration, you must be a hatemonger. You couldn't possibly have serious concerns about high immigration causing environmental degradation, it has to be a cover for your hate and they will smear you with any guilt by association they can come up with, however tenuous. My favorite Mark Potok laugher (besides his 60 Minutes Lou Dobbs meltdown) is that he says NumbersUSA is 'astroturf', i.e., not grass roots. I'm sure at this one sided panel he will as usual say the entire anti-mass immigration movement is the work of one sinister 'puppeteer'. Whatever scare Potok is peddling these days to raise millions for his corrupt 'hate hustle' organization, you can rest assured he will warn it is 'on the rise'--send cash now.