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Proud democrat. Patriot. Love my country. Writer. Filmmaker/producer. Non-profit founder supporting female filmmakers. Candy man.
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.@SenatorTimScott, earlier I tweeted something that I now agree was unfair. Senator, I regret that tweet & apologiz…
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There's so much you could do, if you weren't a deranged idiot keen on helping Trump. #MAGA #resist MT @AndyOstroy .@SenatorTimScott, earlier I tweeted something that I now agree was unfair...I regret it/apologize. There were many other ways I should’ve & could’ve made my point.
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.@AndyOstroy: if you were smart & sane, you'd challenge Trump proxies on how easy it'll be for next pres to tear down Trump Wall (Trump's signature issue). When can we expect you to undercut Trump on his signature issue? #MAGA #resist