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From @maziehirono
I have repeatedly called for Kirstjen Nielsen's resignation for her lies in service of @realDonaldTrump’s abhorrent…
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From @JamesASetser
@maziehirono @realDonaldTrump The real abhorrent policies are the ones our congress have let stand. Why don’t they…
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From @lisa_smith40
@JamesASetser @maziehirono @realDonaldTrump Because the political climate has become so bad that neither party can…
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From @moss11_carl
@lisa_smith40 @JamesASetser @maziehirono @realDonaldTrump Trump asked them for immigration reform. Democrats do not…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
"Immigration reform" = amnesty. Trump's first immigration plan was the Flake-Gutierrez "touchback" amnesty. (That's Jeff Flake & Luis Gutierrez, BTW). He's repeatedly hinted at legalizing DREAMers. MT @moss11_carl @lisa_smith40 Trump asked them for immigration reform