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Center for American Progress' indirect Mexican government link (Henry Fernandez, Kica Matos) - 10/13/07

Henry Fernandez, Senior Fellow at the Clinton-linked Center for American Progress, is hosting a CAP event entitled "Strange Bed Fellows? Anti-immigration Organizations and Hate Groups" on October 18 [1]. The panelists are Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center (a group indirectly linked to the Mexican government) and Devin Burghart from the Center for New Community. Luckily, I scrolled down to the bottom of the page and I saw this: Fernandez lives with his wife Kica Matos and their son in New Haven, Connecticut. Matos is the former head of Junta for Progressive Action, a group that's...

ICE raids New Haven (John DeStefano + Mexico) - 06/06/07

Drudge is linking to the story about Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arresting dozens of illegal aliens in New Haven, Connecticut earlier today. This is apparently part of their occasional sweeps of fugitives and criminal aliens.

New Haven Independent deletes another comment (John DeStefano + Mexico) - 05/08/07

Melissa Bailey of the leftwing New Haven Independent informs us [1] that that city is renewing discussions on issuing ID cards for various uses from the mundane (paying parking fines) to the not-so-mundane (apparent substitute for driver's licenses for illegal aliens). As could be expected from those familiar with issues in that city, mayor John DeStefano and the "city's social-services chief" Kica Matos - former leader of "Junta for Progressive Action" - are involved. The latter group is collaborating with the Mexican government [2]. I left a comment on [1], which appeared immediately. It'...

New Haven's John DeStefano helps feds profit from illegal activity - 01/30/07

John DeStefano is the mayor of New Haven, Connecticut, a city that CT or the federal government should consider investigating and temporarily taking over if necessary. He has links to the non-profit group "JUNTA for Progressive Action", and that group is collaborating with the Mexican government. Since we last checked in with this situation, Kica Matos - former executive director of Junta - is now "City Hall's new immigrant policy guru and mayoral staffer". She is or was the wife of Henry Fernandez, DeStefano's campaign manager in his failed bid to be governor of their state. Laura Huizar...

John DeStefano linked to Mexico collaborators (CT governor race) - 10/27/06

New Haven mayor and Democrat John DeStefano [1] is running for governor of Connecticut against Republican incumbent M. Jodi Rell. DeStefano has several links to a New Haven group called "JUNTA for Progressive Action" [2], a group which is collaborating with the Mexican government. [3] That group also has links to several other organizations and community leaders. Perhaps the closest link is that DeStefano's campaign manager is married to the head of JUNTA [4]: