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coming to your cit-ay
“Deal with yourself as an individual worthy of respect, and make everyone else deal with you the same way.” —Nikki Giovanni
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Rivalry Weekend Generates Season Highs for @CollegeGameDay! 2.3 Million Viewers for Entire Three Hours Audien…
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From @7NattyChamps
@ESPNPR @CollegeGameDay @ReceDavis @davidpollack47 @DesmondHoward @GenoEspn @PatMcAfeeShow @GopherFootball…
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@7NattyChamps Crushed locally. Wouldn’t have thought holiday weekend that it’d set a season record nationwide. Very cool.
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.@DWolfsonKSTP: geese only fly south in the winter, humans fly anywhere at any time. @ESPNPR is on the same intellectual level as geese. They think as soon as the leaves turn, baseball/real football fans suddenly turn into basket/kneeball fans. That's just dim.
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OH! DAMN! His ankle just snapped. #SEAvsDAL
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When @DesmondHoward played, he was known as "Silky". As soon as the QB began his count, he'd bend over and hope he'd be the wide receiver. Then, they'd hug. #SEAvsDAL #MAGA