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Florida, USA
I joined twitter to support freedom of speech #USA1 #2A @NRA #TraditionalCountryMusic @RedSox @MLB #BackTheBlue #BackTheMilitary #USAs2AIsntUpForAVote #NoDM
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.@lillymckim: just like Ingraham helped Brat win, Coulter could have helped stop amnesty using She refused, ask why.
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RT @lillymckim @ffweekend . Right on @AnnCoulter! Now that Hillary has "empathy" w/ ISIS maybe she'll have some for "American middle class."
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From @MilitantJD
@AnnCoulter @lillymckim @ffweekend Strange that she chose "empathy",not "sympathy",but I guess with #Benghazi she kind of is a terrorist too
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@MilitantJD: Coulter could have helped stop amnesty, but refused to come up with an action plan or use Ask her why.
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RT @ALIPAC: Stop #Obama Plans to Let #Ebola #infected Foreigners Into #USA. for Treatment which violates current US laws! #tcot http://t.c…
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.@lillymckim: make this happen & we'll have #Ebola travel restrictions: Will you do that?
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#2 was about @seanhannity, but applies to @leginsurrection too: #fail #gop #tpp @JohnLaraway @lillymckim @evanmc_s