New York Times editorial: pass anti-American DREAM Act

From the 9/20 New York Times editorial called "Pass the Dream Act" (link):

...The idea is modest and smart, but modest and smart usually don’t get very far these days. The anti-immigrant forces that buried the Senate’s comprehensive reforms under a wave of faxes and phone calls are at it again over the revival of this small part of that much bigger bill. They are convinced that giving a break to blameless young men and women - maybe about a million - who want to earn a college degree or serve in the military weakens the country instead of strengthening it. Their hostility to nurturing a new cohort of American citizens, their reflexive "no" even to this limited attempt at immigration decency, lays bare the bankruptcy of their self-defeating passions... Passage would also give encouragement to the budding activists on college campuses around the country who have rallied behind the Dream Act for themselves and their schoolmates...

1. This appeared on the same day that Dick Durbin made his changes which may have somewhat reduced the hugely negative impacts of the bill. Before those changes, the DREAM Act still allowed illegal aliens to take college discounts from U.S. citizens. And, it was a massive amnesty with no upper age limit and could have amnestied far more than the million that the NYT claims (maybe that's why they say "maybe").

2. Needless to say, the NYT is trying to smear those opposed to massive illegal activity as not only being "anti-immigrant", but being ruled by their "passions" rather than reason.

3. All of the "activism" I've seen relating to the DREAM Act is either dishonest (the endless string of PIIPPs) or based entirely on emotion, illogical thought, and ethnic solidarity. None of that should be encouraged.


How come the NYT never comments on the reflexive hostility and bankrupt self-defeating passions of those who favor the immigration invasion? Why do they feel no compassion for the blameless young men and women whose dreams are bankrupted and destroyed by the invasion? Yes it is dishonest, based entirely on emotion, illogic, and ethnic solidarity. But why is all of that wrongness so obviously pointing in a particular direction? Because at its root is a desire to destroy this country as it once was, to reduce its white majority to a minority, and ultimately to extinct it. That empirical end result is now far too obvious to be denied, and it well explains the otherwise senseless behavior of the NYT and anyone else who advocates flooding the West with Turd Worlders.

Great Tanstaaf the boys in the NYT Are the real Invasion the third world people are only the troops that are being used right now, soon millions and millions of muslims will be coming here and the reason why is for one world and its not nut's to see what is happening the only way out is open war inside this nation.

I fear you are absolutley right Fred. The momentum is rolling along for the total destruction of the country. At some point the American People are going to say enough is enough.

While it is clear to those of us who are paying attention that there clearly is currently a silent civil war in this country: i dont think we will have an open violent uprising in this country ( at least for the right reasons). It is almost as if it has been bred out of us. We don't have the willpower to stand up for ourselves. A tax revolt is the way to go. They cant enforce against 20 million illegals? well then they cant enforce against 100 million of us refusing to file our taxes. Or even 12 million for that matter. Don't get me wrong I am a patriot but the time for action is already past us. These Clinton Bush years have irreversably damaged this country. Its all downhill from here.

You'll see how quick they can damn well enforce the law when you stop paying your taxes. The only reason they don't deport the 20+ million invaders is because they don't want to.

With the Chinese holding 1.3 trillion dollars, our absurdly large trade deficit, a negative savings rate, the burst of the housing bubble and the collapsing dollar a lot of dreams will soon be turning into nightmares. Mexicans would be well advised to buy a plane ticket to Spain. I don't think even a visa is necessary

Yes, I've often thought a TAX revolt ala Boston Tea Party is the way to go....Without our cash these traitors won't have any money to do their dirty work. I'm all for it...I still think it is long past time for a MASSIVE MARCH on Washington! Have it on the weekend if you have to but it is time for the American Citizens to stand up and be counted.

expat you are right if the system comes-apart the game is up, people will not have the good life and people will start to see it for what it is, BS. After that the invaders will also get the point and go home or start shooting at Americans. The Military will side with the invaders or will stay out of the fight for freedom, that is sad to say but also understand one fact this government is not of the people and may call in troops from other parts of the world like mexico and china and iraq and the good old U.N., SO No matter what we do its going to be a hell of a party.