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Reporter covering the White House and national politics for @axios. NJ girl & @GWtweets alum. Send tips to or
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Trump campaign announces Manchester rally the night before the Democratic primary in New Hampshire
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@alaynatreene @margarettalev Trump is a troll
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.@bfconnors: Trump won because those like @margarettalev never asked him even slightly tough policy questions; doing that would have exposed him for the fraud he is to his base. Now, she gets a VIP tour of Bloomberg HQ, all without asking policy questions. She's the problem.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@alaynatreene: at #Axios you blog 'Over 60 conservatives demand Big Tech end "censorship"' [scare quotes yours]. My research (see my top tweet) shows #Twitter heavily censors replies from libs, cons, sports fans, etc. etc. Does that make censorship more or less worse, to you?