The Flake-Gutierrez STRIVE Act amnesty returns...

The Flake-Gutierrez STRIVE Act - a House amnesty scheme - was discussed at hearings of the Subcommittee on Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees, Border Security, and International Law today (chaired by former immigration lawyer Zoe Lofgren). Here's the text of HR 1645, and here's a somewhat cynical report. Whether this stands a chance or not, or whether Lofgren was just looking to get in the last word isn't clear. But, it's always good to be prepared.

The list of those testifying is more than a bit interesting, including:

* Reverend Luis Cortes, Jr./President/Esperanza USA
* Cassandra Q. Butts/Senior Vice President for Domestic Policy/Center for American Progress
* Michael L. Barrera/President and CEO/US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
* Josh Hoyt/Executive Director/Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights

CAP was the author of the extraordinarily idiotic study purporting to show how much it would cost to deport all illegal aliens.

However, the most galling one on the list is the ICIRR. Their president is Juan Salgado, someone who serves on an advisory council to the Mexican government, who visited Los Pinos (the Mexican White House) after the first Chicago immigration march, and who wrote this letter to Vicente Fox. Saying that he has divided loyalties may not entirely be accurate: I'm not sure he has any loyalty to the U.S. whatsoever.

Jeff Flake: STRIVE Act (House amnesty) doesn't have a prayer. But... (July)
Luis Gutierrez laughs at touchback: it's a "symbolic rebooting", a "gesture" (May)


The answer is no, bigots. What part of "no" do these bigots not understand?

Well it looks like I will have to once again spend the rest of the month fighting in NumbersUSA's Fax & Phone Congress until they cry for mercy army. Personally, we should be saying great, "Bring them on!!!" Why should the House escape the Public's wrath over Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Hopefully, this time the immigration lawyer hacks Zoe Lofgren & Ellen Tauscher, Shelia Jackson-Lee, Flake and that total Mexican pandering Puerto-Rican Victimization Pimp Luis Guiterrez are exposed for being the throughly corrupt hacks that they are. In the Senate the end result was the wreckage of McCain's, McConnel's, Craig's, Kyl's Reid's Grahamm's.... political careers. Nothing would be better if the end result was for Lofgren, Tauscher and Flake, Jackson-Lee to bringing upon themselves serious primary challanges. Guiterrez is completely deluded that he can become mayor of Chicago on the backs of a mostly Latino(Mexican), Black, Gay and far left coalition. I lived in Chicago for 15 years, it ain't going to happen. Blacks for one Chicago will not trust Slick Luis. I can tell you that Indiana Democrats will be calling Pelosi's office and telling her that unless she stops this Strive bill insanity there is no way in hell She is going to keep the Speakership even if somehow the Democrats are able to hold on to the House. Here in Indiana Democratic freshman congressmen Hill, Donnelly and especially Elsworth will have no other choice but to forcefully declare their opposition to Strive and Pelosi's leadership or face defeat. Elsworth either takes a stand that will make him a force as an Immigration Restrictionist Democrat or his House career is over. These idiots are have no idea that end result of resurrecting Strive will be to make Bilray, Hunter and especially Tancredo national political figures. Last, the shameless support of Strive by the Clintonista CAP will leave no doubts in Lou Dobbs Democrats minds that Hillary has no other domestic agenda then to expend upon Bushco's Open Borders policies. Edwards either gets his head out of his ass and comes out against Strive to distance himself from Clinton and Obama or he has wrecked his campaign as well. Hillary may get the nomination by shameless pandering for the Latino vote but she will sure as shit lead the Democrats to crushing defeat in 2008.

lj, I appreciate any Democrat who won't go along with the insanity of his party, but you talk about Tancredo and Hunter gaining national prominence as if that would be bad. I don't understand. Your beloved party doesn't offer even one candidate that would shut down illegal immigration, much less touch the legal half of the invasion. I don't care what party, or non-party, the candidate comes from. If he recognizes and will fight both the globalists and the jihadis he's got my vote. Not that voting will matter much. The media and brainwashed masses seem to believe we have to choose one or the other.

Tanstaafl, Huh? Tancredo is about as anti-illegal as you can get and Hunter is a close second. Both of these candidates would stop illegal immigration in a heart beat if given the chance. Tancredo is certainly the far weaker of the two candidates and he is in the race to raise awareness on a national stage. I am glad to see him continue for as long as possible.

What did I say that made you say "huh"? The one quibble I'd make with what you said is that Hunter is weaker. He's less well known, and seems obsessed with "his" fence. Repelling the invasion will require much more than that. He's also fairly mum on Islam. Tancredo isn't particularly articulate, but he doesn't have either one of those blind spots.