Rep. Ruben Hinojosa wants millions for the National Council of La Raza

U.S. Rep. Ruben Hinojosa (D-TX) wants the feds to underwrite the National Council of La Raza ("The Race") to the tune of $5 million per year for 2008. In 2009, that would double, with the National Council of The Race receiving $10 million from the federal government thereafter. They already receive $5 million per year from the Feds, and Harry Reid might have been involved in that.

The NCLR is a considered-mainstream group that actually works to support illegal immigration and which has links to and funds extremists.

The bill ("Hope Fund Act of 2007", HR 1999) is co-sponsored by Rick Renzi, Barney Frank, and Silvestre Reyes, and it's also race-specific:

The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development shall, to the extent amounts are made available pursuant to subsection (b), make a grant to the National Council of La Raza for the purpose of providing technical and financial assistance to local non-profit organizations to undertake community development and affordable housing projects and programs serving low- and moderate-income households, particularly through organizations located in neighborhoods with substantial populations of income-disadvantaged households of Hispanic origin.

Needless to say, this will help consolidate La Raza's power, as well as those linked to them: the Democratic Party. It's also open-ended, allowing them to "conduct such other activities as may be determined by the Secretary and the National Council of La Raza."


Since this is a race based organization, it would seem to me that this could be interpreted as supporting intitutionalized racism.

George if it was a white group it would be attacked by other race based organization but since its not white its ok to do evil act's for the third world rulers. Rep.Ruben ( hate race guy ) Hinojosa needs money for mexico city its part of the deal made by "Bush and business" after all you need to pay the little la raza Amry being made in tx-my-ass, and let's face fact's bush hates this nation and is working to dismantle it soon for money power and hate of the USA That is why. let us look at one player in this game of evil..Adam Pearlman the jewish mossad agent who once wrote about bloodthirsty terrorists and now he is working for Al Qaeda see Alex Jones for more info. ITS ALL PART OF THE ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT GAME. Buy Guns for life.

La Raza is AN ETHNIC SUPREMACY ORGANIZATION and there is no honorable basis whatsoever of them as present in and among our federal government, nor even being present in Congress and/or the White House IN ANY CONTEXT. When are these same D.C. people going to give appointments and "advice time" to the KKK? The American Nazi Party? The Aryan Nation? Because La Raza is a similar organization, just of a different color supremacy dedication. La Raza and all it's tentacles needs to be eradicated from any public office. If they aren't, and especially if they receive any more public dollars, then there is no excuse to exclude these other ethnic supremacy organizations (and there are others, too, not to exclude those unmentioned here). Allow them all equal time or disassociate from them all. But this mania over "Hispanics/Latinos" is nothing less than ethnic-supremacy and needs to be exposed roundly for the dastardly, despicable organization that it has spawned (La Raza and Lulac and a number of others like them).

And, as you know, lonewacko, the Hillary Clinton/Democratic campaign has hired on La Raza associates in top positions. This should send shivers down the spines of every American. I'm horrified that it has not.

Waldo you are a good person but do you really think we have a real Government? just look at the borders. The system will soon be a Mexican system of total evil and total Racism its now up to people to fight back in the old way to win our freedom from evil people who hate our ideals of laws and and a free culture of reason and ideals, If you think that is insane just look at the third world rulers and its people, see guys its all about people in this evil game of madness and hate of the USA, And Bush is that hate.

La Raza is already getting millions of tax payer funds, as a tax exempt 501C organization they get millions by not paying taxes on their income, they also give out "tax credits" called "deductions" which further lessen their donors tax bills. Most of their donors directly benefit from their donations (a violation of 501C law) and La Raza is a racially discriminatory organization (another violation of 501C law). 501C entities are also supposed to promote or serve a "public benefit", public is defined not as the global planet earth "public" but the American citizen public. Criminal invasion is not in the public's interest.

I don't understand why the media is not all over Hillary and her association with Raza creeps like Nunez and Villaraigossa. Between the two of them they have said some really really traitorous things over the years, like Traitoraigossa blatantly stating that "Mexico will shape my policies" when he became mayor of LA. Why isn't even the conservative media or blogs slamming Hillary on this?

Speaking of Villaraigosa & Nunez, in LA another "gang program administrator" and ex-gang banger was busted, he ran a program called "no-guns", he was busted selling automatic weapons (like AK 47s) to gang bangers out of his "no gun" office, he received over a 1 million dollars in anti-gang city & state funds. Last year another anti-gang program administrator was busted with a couple of pounds of crystal meth, he too was on the city anti-gang payroll, I think he was an illegal alien too. Tues 6/4 Mayor Conquista & Cheeef Bratton are heading to Washington DC to ask for more anti-gang money to pay off even more ex-gang banger alien criminals. I believe LA spends over $100,000,000.00/ year on anti-gang programs-mostly paid to ex-gangbangers. Mayor Conquista is an ex-banger too, his youth police records are "sealed".