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Alec Jenson
Salt Lake City, UT
Fierce advocate for LGBT, Women, Kids, & Human Rights. Uncle. Optimist. Son. Real Estate—flipping. #yogi #Resist #KHive #TeamPete #LifetimeFitness #UTpol
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RT @KyungLahCNN: “We are the Kamala coalition,” says this #Oakland group of @KamalaHarris #2020campaign kickoff rally. Her message will be…
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.@Alecjenson: Trump would've lost if @KyungLahCNN etc. had asked Trump tough policy questions. #CNN was & is all about horserace & scandal, never about policy. That greatly harms the USA (eg, by helping elect Trump). Should Kyung ask Kamala & all the rest tough policy questions?
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.@Alecjenson: would support @connorfranta asking Trump such an incredibly weak question? Please put USA first: