Is the National Council of La Raza a mainstream group?

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The National Council of La Raza is considered a mainstream group despite their name literally - and in effect - meaning National Council of The Race. Their spokesmen have been featured on national TV shows and at any one time you can find dozens of news articles offering their viewpoint.

And, they're also a financial contributor to a Chicano separatist LAUSD charter school in Los Angeles. The Pasadena chapter of MEChA is another contributor, as are at least two public agencies.

A KABC reporter who tried to find out more on the school was allegedly assaulted in what might turn out to be a hate crime.

More on this issue here and here.

Rather than getting side-tracked by attempts to shut down the school, let me suggest using this as a good opportunity to show anyone who hasn't been paying attention what the National Council of La Raza really supports.

If you see a reporter quoting Cecilia Munoz or Janet Murguia, send them an email asking whether a group that would support such a school is really as mainstream as they have been presented.


Again, argument based on an array of statistics re the Mexican invasion through mass immigration(both legal and illegal) here.

To state that which should be obvious (but is not to most lefties and libertarians): illegal immigration is intrinsically wrong, being an affront to national sovereignty and the right of self-determination of the people who constitute a nation. This does not mean that legal immigration of whatever quantity, quality or mix of points of origin is always or intrinsically good.

Much useful material on the immigration debate(particularly the perils of disproportionate low-skill immigration from Mexico)


Smitty, where's the school you are talking about and what's its name? I'm just about a 10 minute drive from the Aztec Pueblo Semilla thing.

Contrary to popular belief there's not one Chincano Studies Racist school but at least 2 because one not mentioned is in my neighborhood, it cost over $50,000,000.00 is brand new, teaches only "specially chosen" Latino students, has an all Latino administration & teaching staff.

The 50+ million dollar elementary school is also connected to a state sponsored low income housing project for Latinos only (of course) and womens center (for Latina's only?).

I wonder how many other "Latino only" charter schools there are in LA.

Oh ya they also offer a cornucopia of services, programs including healthcare, adult schoooling & employment programs apparently only for Latinos.

Voter drives too.

THE YES IT IS! Brian is dead on its a gang code! but also understand that bush is helping in all areas to make aztlan a real place, and i think bush and family are the real bin laden and we as a people will not stand against evil so he can do what he wants to you and your kids.

"people come-on", what did you think would happen when you let 10 or 20 or 30 or 40 and someday 300 million people who hate you inside your country! what don't you fools understand about hate? hate is the main idea in all races of people, are you so fooled and so much the sheeple that you can't see what the P.C. Boys are doing to you.
maybe you don't understand people? and the way all people think about others? and was 88 so wrong in what he did? and what he said in this coming end game for life against death? he said " fight or die" and all you want death at the hands of the third worlds people, who sad, I do cry for the people who have been killed in this war of fools who will not see, I only ask i die with some real Americans killing the Enemies of freedom! you will not fight evil doers but the evil doers will kill you, and may God help you all

"they're also a financial contributor"

NCLR is not some kind of business generating cash flow -- in turn they get their money as donations from other organizations and individuals, as can be seen here, and here. Even if they aren't "mainstream", their funders definitely are.

But you probably already knew that.

The ancient Aztec language that they teach the children in that school is widely used by Hispanic gangs in U.S. prisons. Google "Nahuatl" and "prisons" together.