The "anti-immigration movement" charted! (Bill O'Reilly, Lou Dobbs, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, VDare...)

Solana Larsen (whose name rings a bell for some unknown reason) is the president of "PuertoDansk" and a contributor to and other sites. At the site of the North American Congress on Latin America, she offers "The Anti-Immigration Movement: From Shovels to Suits" [1]. If you read the recent Max Blumenthal interview, you already know what she's going to say and how wrong she is. In fact, she and Son of Sid recently appeared on a panel together [2].

But, unlike Baby Max, she's got visual aids! Her multimedia extravaganza includes a handy chart showing the "movement", ranking them by "politics", "think tanks", "grassroots", and "media" on one axis, and from "mainstream conservative" to "hate groups" on the other.

There are several familiar names, particularly in the lower center and right of the chart: National Review, Michelle Malkin, Bill O'Reilly, Ann Coulter, VDare, and Lou Dobbs. In fact, they've put Dobbs perilously close to the right edge, where the "hate groups" live.

There are two effective responses to smears like this:
1. Point out factual errors in their reasoning (see the interview link).
2. Discredit those leaders who support illegal immigration.



anti-immigration movement is just for the show within 20 years Mexico and the third world rulers will own this so called USA The only way to stop this evil is a mass political movement by the people but that will never happen so many of you already love mexico its a joke, so a far of us will go down fighting against the evil of this movement into Hell, and what fun that will be, anyway 500 real American can and will fight 10,000 of you Rats, nonhuman Primates.

thats a few not a far but i want to be far-away when the shooting starts, this so called country is a total joke. by the way Lou Dobbs wife is part of the mexican Oligarchies check the facts out old bill O'Reilly got millions in Mexico and Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin are both full of it, so who is for the old USA? only you! your leaders are all rats and pigs, read Alex Jones.

I bet the SPLC is jealous of that fascinating chart! I noticed Samuel Huntington under the far right HATE GROUPS arrow. The hate police will never forgive a Harvard professor for lending that institution's prestige and credibility to something they see as inherently evil. Hey, while they're at it, why not put E.O. Wilson in the Population Control subset? You know, it looks like they intentionally layered the media people listed to get Dobbs as far to the right as possible. Is that because they think he's so much closer to 'hate group' or just because he's the most powerful and they want him to look bad?