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Doha Madani
New York, NY
Pronounced Doe-Ah 🇱🇧 She/Her | reporter at @NBCNews. @newmarkjschool Grad. Formerly @HuffPost, @DailyStarLeb, @TBOcom.
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From @DartDClark
Keke Palmer is sitting in front of me at Slave Play on Broadway. That’s it that’s the tweet
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From @DohaMadani
@DartDClark Say hello!
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@DohaMadani: @DartDClark blogs about gun violence. Full-auto machine guns were freely available in the US for at least 13 years. How many Parkland-style incidents were there in that time? (For reference, 13 years is like 2006 to now.)