Christians for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Christians for Comprehensive Immigration Reform is a new group headed up by Jim Wallis, and they're wrong. In order to promote legalization for all as well as a "guest" worker program, they'll be conducting an ad campaign, letter writing effort, and most likely advocating from the pulpit.

First, they're selectively quoting the Bible; see the links here. Second, what they support will make things far worse for all concerned; see this and this for starters.

The solution to their problem is simple, but unfortunately I'm not aware of anyone having done it: go to public appearances by these pastors and point out to everyone else exactly how they're wrong. You can't point out that you just disagree; you need to show that their arguments have no merit.

You can see a list of their signatories here, read about their press conference here, and you can see one of their sleazy ads in this PDF file. It features a staged shot of a little weeping Hispanic girl being led away by two Border Patrol agents, and the ad itself shows that they aren't able to think things through. In almost all instances the Border Patrol would have contact with her only if she were trying to cross the border; ICE would deal with her in other instances. And, it presents BP agents as thugs. And, the religious "leaders" appear to have forgotten about parental responsibility. What were her parents thinking to bring her here illegally, or have a child here while living here illegally? And, it's ironic that the policies the CCIR supports would lead to even more such cases.

If you're a member of one of the CCIR churches, I urge you to hold your "leaders" responsible.


This fits with Bush's "faith Based inititives".

Notice they are all Hispanic churches with Hispanic-named leaders. They quote Bible verses commanding us to "welcome the stranger." They are NOT in fact welcoming the stranger -- they are welcoming their own kind, la raza, their "race" which is so very, very, very important to them. If it were 100 million non-Hispanic people flooding over the border, these folks would not be interested in welcoming anyone, bible verses or no bible verses. Alas alas for you are the scribes and the pharisees, hypocrites to a man. What contemptible creeps.

Right direction, wrong methods. You simply need to assist these immigrants to return to their country of origin where they are legal and then help them obtain legal work permits. This would be a statement of support for those who seek the legal path instead of a slap in the face.