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Liberty Loving Libertarian (INTJ) Mottos: Hostis res Publica - Morte ai Tiranni - Dum Spiro, Pugno - Tu Ne Cede Malis - Molon Labe - Vox populi vox Dei #TGDN
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.@MorteAiTiranni: it's dumb to claim supporting mass #immigration is liberal: cons are too intensely dumb to reduce it alone. #RAISEAct
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.@MorteAiTiranni: #RAISEAct is #libertarian in that it assumes one's worth to USA is just their economic worth. #immigration #MAGA #resist
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DERPMT @MorteAiTiranni Left out of liberal "how dare Trump" outrage over RAISE Act it's modeled after Canada's and Australia