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Max Blumenthal

Writer for The Nation, the Huffington Post, Alternet, TAPPED, Salon, Washington Monthly, and a research fellow at the Media Matters for America. Also makes videos; see this for a description. For a 2005 issue, see this.

For an example of how Blumenthal can't seem to write a sentence without lying, see his Tom Tancredo smear which was eviscerated here. That just covers the lies in the first page of a two-pager; I got tired.

In addition to lying, he engages in outlandish race-baiting, such as of a Toby Keith song, or his attempts to smear Sean Hannity, or Samuel Alito. In regards to the latter, instead of going after the man himself, he went after his son.

For another smear and yet another example of his bad reporting, he smeared Sarah Palin using guilt-by-association.

And, there's also his strong support for illegal immigration as evidenced through his feverish attempts to uncover the "anti-immigrant" movement. He's gone as far as supporting high school kids walking out of class in a race-based display of solidarity in support of illegal activity:

Meanwhile, from his side of the fence, Christopher Hitchens called him a "young skunk who hasn't learned to piss yet" and Marc Cooper called him a "featherweight tyro and designated puncher for enraged but impotent Democrats".

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Max Blumenthal is a low-level far-left enforcer of political correctness, frequently calling those to the right of him "racist" in the pages of The Nation and other publications. Now, let's take a look at a couple of interesting items from his Twitter feed (I took screenshots in case either disappears). At 8:40am on 2/2/2010 he tweeted (twitter dot com/MaxBlumenthal/status/8548913520): File under goyisherkop: That links to a Jerusalem Post interview with Mike Huckabee ( and - whatever explanation he wants to give - his tweet is a...

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Low-wattage smear artist Max Blumenthal offers what he calls "The Unauthorized 9.12 Teabagger Tour", video attached (note the nice Euro touch in the date). I haven't yet watched it, but I'm going to guess that he's cherry-picked the more extreme attendees of the 9/12 Washington DC rally rather than trying to offer some sort of counter-argument to their more valid points; that's what people like him do.

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According to his lawyer, Hal Turner - a white supremacist, blogger, and some kind of radio host who's currently charged with making threats against public officials in two states - was an FBI-trained "agent provocateur" from 2002 to 2007 (link).

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Earlier today, Sarah Palin made the shocking announcement that she will be resigning as governor of Alaska (link). Unlike probably everyone else, I'm not going to bother speculating on her reasons, but instead on what her supporters can do.

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In a post about white supremacist radio host Hal Turner being arrested by the FBI earlier today for making threats against judges, Amanda Terkel of ThinkProgress (run by the Center for American Progress) says ( As the Nation has pointed out, Turner has ties to Fox News’ Sean Hannity. In fact, Hannity has “offered his top-rated radio show as a regular forum for Turner’s occasionally racist, always over-the-top rants.” Hannity would also reportedly offer Turner “encouragement” to overcome his cocaine habit and “homosexual leanings.” Bolding added...

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Rachel d'Oro of the Associated Press offers an extremely sleazy, disreputable, race-baiting article called "Alaska's minorities feel ignored by Palin" (link). Articles like this show exactly how a Barack Obama presidency would operate: surrogates - assisted by the mainstream media - would attempt to racialize every decision made by Obama in an attempt to silence critics. Alaska's black leaders say they're not surprised to see Gov. Sarah Palin at the center of the controversy over injecting the race issue into the presidential campaign. Palin, Republican John McCain's running mate, has...

Max Blumenthal/David Neiwert smear Sarah Palin (true guilt-by-association, bad reporting) - 10/09/08

Max Blumenthal - last seen here spinning a fantastic tale - joins with Mr. "white supremacist under every bed" himself, David Neiwert, to offer a smear called "Meet Sarah Palin's radical right-wing pals" (link). Their report was partly funded by the "Nation Institute Investigative Fund", which isn't getting its money's worth. In this campaign we've heard a lot about guilt-by-association, but most have been using that phrase incorrectly. Thanks to the two authors, we finally have a real example of guilt-by-association. It's also tremendously bad reporting because - besides apparently trying to...

Doesn't the left realize how embarrassing Max Blumenthal is? (Toby Keith, lynching) - 07/29/08

The latest example of Max Blumenthal's abject stupidity is called "Toby Keith's Pro-Lynching Publicity Tour Hits Colbert, CBS and More" ( and concerns the song "Beer For My Horses" which is apparently also a movie. Discussing all the ways it's wrong is left as an exercise (actually, don't bother), but: The terrifying spectacle outside the courtroom prompted Jewish families to flee Atlanta in droves. Two years later, after the governor commuted Frank's sentence, a lynch mob spirited Frank from his prison cell, dragged him...

Sleazy Jason Linkins smears Sean Hannity (Max Blumenthal) - 03/23/08

How sleazy is Jason Linkins of the Huffington Post? Sleazy enough to post this smear of Sean Hannity, linking him to white supremacist radio host Hal Turner. The latter apparently used to call in to Hannity's radio program; he claims he and Hannity were friends until Hannity's Program Director told him no more call-ins. Yet, if you do a find for the comment from PhilBoyceWABC on the HuffPost link you'll see that Turner's account of their friendship is more than a bit questionable.

Max Blumenthal lies about Tom Tancredo - 12/01/07

Max Blumenthal offers "Tom Tancredo Hired Illegal Laborers to Renovate His McMansion" ( It's so full of misleading statements and lies it's difficult to know where to begin. However, the title itself contains a lie: Tancredo contracted with Creative Drywall Design of Denver; he didn't hire illegal aliens directly as the title states, the president of that company claims he thought they were legal workers, and lawyers advised of the case stated he didn't break any laws [1]. Then, we move on to the subhead: Anti-immigration zealot and GOP presidential candidate Tom...

The "anti-immigration movement" charted! (Bill O'Reilly, Lou Dobbs, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, VDare...) - 05/09/07

Solana Larsen (whose name rings a bell for some unknown reason) is the president of "PuertoDansk" and a contributor to and other sites. At the site of the North American Congress on Latin America, she offers "The Anti-Immigration Movement: From Shovels to Suits" [1]. If you read the recent Max Blumenthal interview, you already know what she's going to say and how wrong she is. In fact, she and Son of Sid recently appeared on a panel together [2].

Max Blumenthal feverishly uncovers the "anti-immigrant" movement - 05/03/07

Max Blumenthal - aka "Son of Sid" - was interviewed by Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! about the "anti-immigrant" movement with predictable results:

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Or: the curious incident of the pimps in the daytime.

Newest, lowest new low from Huffington Post? - 10/31/05

Baby Blumenthal - son of Submarine Sid and nee "Max" - goes after Alito here. Well, not directly. The Alito he goes after is Judge Alito's son, currently a student at Colgate University. He points out this bit from Phil Alito's biography: ..I was born 9 months and 2 weeks later by a midwife/wolf named Janie Jean, who would prove very influential during my formative years. Shortly after, I became interested in politics and got involved with Gary Condit (not like that). I served as a parking aide to Nancy Pelosi (I won't even start on her) but was fired when Barbara Boxer came onto me. If you...

Arianna Huffington and Baby Blumenthal - 10/01/05

Did you think the low-point of Huffington Post came when Randall Robinson uttered these memorable words? It is reported that black hurricane victims in New Orleans have begun eating corpses to survive. Well, you're only part right. While it's extremely difficult to find an actual low point of the sexy Greek goddess' site, a contender must be Max Blumenthal - the son of Sid Blumenthal - called by Marc Cooper a "featherweight tyro and designated puncher for enraged but impotent Democrats" here. There's even a direct connection between Max and Randy. Shortly after the cannibalism charge, Sid Jr...