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Football ("soccer") vs NFL kneeball: which is better? - 01/16/23

Two things can be counted on every four years: the World Cup, and conservative pundits smearing football. Not only that, those pundits go on to promote NFL/NCAAF kneeball. I'll look at the differences between the two sports and discuss some of the objections those pundits have, focusing on blogs by Ann Coulter, Michael Medved and others.

Ann Coulter helps MSM yet again: DREAMers are "heinous", "anyone would want to deport them" - 12/26/17

On the video below [1], Ann Coulter says DREAMers are "heinous" and "anyone would want to deport them". That type of talk only helps the MSM: DREAMers are a highly protected group by the establishment media and the Democratic Party. Coulter is playing right into their hands, giving them a bogeyman they can use to push their agenda. All Coulter is doing is making things even easier for them.

Ann Coulter falsely says Trump Wall would be "forever" - 12/06/17

On the video below, Ann Coulter says that Trump Wall would be "forever". In fact, whatever is built of Trump Wall would be easily torn down by the next president or the next Congress.

Idiots show how not to ask Ann Coulter questions: Mike Tracey, We Are Change, Bob McKeown - 02/26/09

A trio of stooges are here to show how not to ask Ann Coulter - or anyone else - questions. I don't necessarily want to have anyone discredit Ann Coulter by asking her the right question in the right way, but, given at least the first two there isn't much danger of that.

The "anti-immigration movement" charted! (Bill O'Reilly, Lou Dobbs, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, VDare...) - 05/09/07

Solana Larsen (whose name rings a bell for some unknown reason) is the president of "PuertoDansk" and a contributor to and other sites. At the site of the North American Congress on Latin America, she offers "The Anti-Immigration Movement: From Shovels to Suits" [1]. If you read the recent Max Blumenthal interview, you already know what she's going to say and how wrong she is. In fact, she and Son of Sid recently appeared on a panel together [2].