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Lisa Tozzi
New York, USA
Global News Director, BuzzFeed. NYTimes alumna. Master of Disaster. I'm buying all the hotdogs and I'm giving them to the good people.
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RT @lisatozzi: What is: News planted by Rudy Giuliani. Iโ€™ll take Batshit Stories for $300, Alex.
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You might be right. When has #TheResistance used his strong amnesty support, his Rockefeller vid, & TTC to undercut him to #MAGA, or is that way beyond their abilities? MT @dansinker RT @lisatozzi: [Cindy Adams tale about Giuliani being eligible bachelor was "planted" by him]
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What hacks like @lisatozzi won't tell you about evangelical push for mass #immigration: #p2 #tlot #TopProg #OWS