Todd Spivak: mostly pro-grower, pro-illegal immigration propaganda

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Todd Spivak of the Houston Press offers "Shorthanded: Foreign pickers aren't getting through the post-9/11 barricades to harvest U.S. crops" (link). As you might have imagined, it's yet another in a long line of the "crops rotting in the fields because we can't get enough illegal aliens" articles. As in the other articles, you've got weeping growers pining over their supposedly rotting crops:

"It's very emotional," [Bernie Thiel] says. "You have a certain amount of time to get it done and if you don't get it done, that's it, it's over."

You've got the stolid GOP members who are turning their backs on the GOP because of supposed attempts to enforce our laws

Carnes, the cabbage farmer in Uvalde, had always voted Republican in major contests until this year. Fed up with Texas Gov. Rick Perry for campaigning on border enforcement without also stressing the need for a guest-worker program, he reluctantly decided to cast his vote for Democratic long shot Chris Bell...

He should take heart because Perry is definitely not on America's side in this issue. And, you've got the grower who's got a picture of himself with a conservative leader:

A lifelong Republican, John McClung served as spokesman for the USDA under Ronald Reagan, and a photo of him posing with the late president hangs prominently in his office. These days, however, his loyalties are wavering.

While Spivak does have a couple good quotes from the CIS, he doesn't try to dig into the issue in even the shallow depth that the SacBee attempted.

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I only want to know how much drug money this guy is getting?, we all understand what the end game is or do we? the real harvest will be death and the enslavement of all people to a few who hate our freedoms, its not about food but about human and civil right of "we the people", but most will go along to get along, and may God help you all.