What the "Northern Alliance" won't ask Michael Barone

The "Northern Alliance Radio Network" (featuring the hopeless BushBots at PowerLine and their friends) will be interviewing TV pundit Michael Barone tomorrow at 1pm Eastern. The topic of discussion will be the repurposed edition of his book The New Americans ("How the melting pot can work again"). Apparently it's on a real radio station (not shortwave!) that can be streamed over the web.

I am going on record as stating that this will be a puffball interview that strongly favors the Bush/Fox/McCain/Kennedy amnesty, but I'm not going to waste my time bothering to find out whether I'm correct or not. Someone else did another radio interview (nofollowpolicy) with him which, while I didn't listen to that either, sounds like it might have been a bit harder-edged than the PL guys are up to.

It's a shame that neither PowerLine nor Fraters Libertas have comments, because if they did I'd suggest some items they might discuss (modified from the comment I left at the last link):

- The huge differences between then and now.

- All of the instances of Mexico meddling in our internal politics and gaining political power inside the U.S. Is Barone even aware of some of those incidents? Does he care?

- How does he intend to encourage assimilation when the leadership of the GOP cozies up to groups (such as National Council of The Race) that actively oppose assimilation? The NCLR, for instance, funds the school whose principal was interviewed here. Karl Rove spoke at their convention recently.

- On a personal note, will those pundits and others who promote massive immigration continue to have careers left after most Americans figure out - or see firsthand - the effects of their policies? Will the only thing they have to look forward to be sinecures at think tanks funded by those who profit from illegal immigration?


Um, reality check?

As far as I know, Hinderaker and the Fraters are all for sealing the border and enforcing immigration laws.

Perhaps you're thinking of a different Northern Alliance?

THE BOYS JUST WANT US TO BECOME MEXICO, END OF STORY, see it for what it is, not what you want it to be, the enemy is not at the gate but is inside your own home. buy guns.