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Fox News Anchor & Chief National Corr, NY Times Bestselling Author "42 Faith"; Get signed copy
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I had a blast on the curvy couch with @PeteHegseth and @edhenry this morning guest-hosting Fox and Friends. Let’s d…
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.@NBSaphierMD @PeteHegseth @edhenry: few notice #FoxNews Twitter boycott. Likewise, Trump & all cons could leave Twitter & they'd celebrate since cons are at most 6% of their users. Clearly (except to cons), a small tent opposition to Twitter misbehavior doesn't work.
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From @hrothenb
RT @DanaGutfeld: @seanhannity @SebGorka @SaraCarterDC @GreggJarrett @edhenry @dbongino #Hannity ignores immigration Why is he avoiding the…
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Hannity came out for amnesty years ago (probably due to pro-amnesty Murdoch). If you truly oppose amnesty, then go after reachable Trump proxies like Dilbert, Christopher Ruddy, etc. Use amnesty to destroy careers MT @hrothenb @DanaGutfeld [why does #Hannity] ignores immigration