This site has a strict nofollow policy

Dear blogger:

If trackbacks at your site have the nofollow tag on them, and I send you a trackback, I will put a nofollow tag on my link. Otherwise, I'd be giving you a good link, and you'd be giving me nothing in return. This is just an attempt to even out the situation.

Likewise with sites that use that tag in their comments. If I link to one of your posts, and it's full of nofollowed links in the comments, I'm not about give you a good link. Let me put it this way: if you're doing that intentionally, perhaps you should reconsider using people to build content for you and giving them nothing in return.

You might want to consider what would happen if everyone had this same policy. Then, look up how to remove the plugin or whatever that puts on those nofollow tags. Here's the instructions for MT, and for WP I use Follow URL.

This site's strong objection to the nofollow tag is described here, here, and here.

And, there's more on it here, here, here, here, here, and here. And, here's a joke.

UPDATE: Here's a sample site that uses these tags: The Only Republican in San Francisco. But, that's not all. Not only does he use the tags, he requires commentors to be signed in using TypeKey. But, wait, there's more! After signing in, they still need to enter a captcha. You really have to wonder what's going on here.

And, here's another one. After admitting in 11/04 that he gets "almost zero comment spam", Dave Taylor announces in 1/05 that he's adding the tag:

There are some definite problems with this strategy, not the least of which is that it means that if my friends and colleagues pop by and post an erudite comment - or write their own article that trackbacks to mine - I would like to give them some of my PageRank goodness, but now I can't. You're all thrown into the 'spammer scum' box, like it or not.

Screw your friends, I say. It's your readers that you should be thinking of, since they're the ones who visit your site and keep you in business. Why treat your readers like "scum"? Especially since he admitted that this probably wouldn't work:

Nonetheless it's clear that something has to be done about blogspam, and I applaud the search engines and weblog teams for working together to at least make some progress in this direction, however suboptimal it may be.

The solution to blogspam is to delete the comments and use a blacklist of some kind. I get a ton of spam, but very little if any makes it through because of the filters. And, if some does make it through, I delete it ASAP. That's how you handle these matters, not with same half-assed, anti-web tag.


I agree. I've been meaning to turn it off for awhile. MT installs it by default and I never got around to it since I upgraded a few months back.

I've turned it off now.