Think Progress, Ezra Klein, AP downplay organizers of illegal immigration marches

[See the update below]

ThinkProgress - a site associated with the Clinton-associated Center for American Progress - downplays the organizers of the recent illegal immigration marches in this one sentence post.

That links to this brief Ezra Klein post, which links to the AP article "Groups Help Organize Immigration Rallies" (link).

Since for some reason or another my attempts to comment on the TP post keep getting blocked - and since Ezra Klein for some reason is afraid to enable comments on his entries, herewith the comment I tried to leave:

Now, for what the AP, TAPPED, and this site aren't telling you, do a search for Armando Navarro, one of the organizers from the article. There's much more to him - and many more interesting affiliations - than the AP is telling you.

Then, search for Nativo Lopez. Another person Dems should feel an especial affinity for (except, of course, for those Hispanic members of the Santa Ana School Board who kicked him off the board because of his views).

In fact, he reportedly wants to make Spanish the official language of California.

The Georgia march was organized by a former Mexican Consul General. One of the groups involved in the previous L.A. march allegedly has collaborated with the Mexican government. The recent protests were organized by ANSWER, WCW, and others.

I could go on, but see this article for many, many more.

And, last but not least: Cardinal Roger Mahoney admits to exaggerating about HR4437

We might have hundreds of thousands of foreign citizens marching in our streets, but at least we can look forward to those who support those marches losing a great deal of whatever credibility they might have once had.

UPDATE: See also this Armando Navarro profile. And, one of my new sites has more information on those involved in the immigration marches. Lots of very questionable connections, including to the Mexican government and Mexican political parties.

UPDATE 2: TAPPED changed their link structure, so I updated the link above. Klein's post was originally at