Cardinal Roger Mahony admits to exaggerating about HR4437

In an interview with a Catholic newspaper Cardinal Roger Mahony as much as admitted that he's been misrepresenting HR 4437:
[interviewer:] Giving a sandwich to a hungry man could theoretically be a criminal act.

[Mahoney:] Absolutely. Let me just give a couple of examples that are so absurd, people just say, "What?" The one I used was, since we have undocumented people who come to our churches, do we now ask to see documentation before we give them the body and blood of Christ? People got that as an absurd implication. The other side yells, "That's not what we mean." Well, that's not what they intended, but if you tease it out to its extreme, this is what it amounts to, this kind of nonsense.
If he knows that they didn't intend it to be enforced in the manner that Mahoney has been representing it, hasn't he admitted that he's been misleading his flock? Why didn't he simply urge them to clarify that provision in the bill?

Has Mahoney been arguing in good faith (so to speak), or has he been behaving dishonorably? Hasn't he been simply dishonestly demagoguing this issue?

Later on, he says:
What I'm trying to do is to encourage Catholic legislators to understand the issues and to come up with a just, humane policy that works for the good of the people and the country.
If that's truly what he wants, then he should completely oppose illegal immigration instead of supporting it. His position is clearly immoral because of what it leads to:

* increased corruption in the U.S. as companies that profit from illegal immigration donate to politicians who look the other way

* increased numbers of low-wage workers coming into a high cost of living country (resulting in people living in garages or even tents in backyards)

* lowered wages for our own low-wage workers, many of whom have simply stopped looking for work

* increased chance of worker abuse and workplace injuries and deaths (much higher for illegal aliens)

* entrenching the corrupt Mexican government rather than forcing them to reform

* assisting the government of Mexico meddling in our internal politics

* assisting attempts to weaken U.S. citizenship and sovereignty

Either Mahoney doesn't understand this issue, or he doesn't care about the above.


anonymousDrivel, its not about money or maybe it is?, but it is about control. This guy wants only control and you are right on that one he hates the ideals of freedom just like the islamic nuts he is a "twisted", evil who love to hate the USA and anyone that can see what he is he is a tool of reconquista and a real hate racists and his so called church is totally bankrupted as he is, and he needs corruption to take eyes off of his cover-up's so he needs the impoverished mexican people.

It would seem to me that Cardinal Mahoney wants to increase the size of his flock and doesn't want to leave the comforts of the U.S. to do it. Furthermore, he probably knows that an initial "loan" to desperate or impoverished guests may lead to less impoverished subjects once they start earning higher wages in the U.S. His subjects will recall the mercy shown by the church and many (whether of Catholic faith already or not) will contribute to his church (or the Catholic church more generally) in the future.

This Cardinal is investing and higher wage earning citizens is the vehicle for increased returns. In time the church increases its membership, its power, and its assets. He may or may not be interested in "saving" them.

The enforcement of law and the elimination of amnesty would interrupt the strategy of recruiting a larger powerbase. That he would obfuscate the issue or exaggerate for effect is unsurprising. That he would violate ethics to do it is unsurprising as well. Always follow the money or ask "whose ox is being gored?" That usually clarifies things.

Yes we know about what this so called guy! of god wants for us all, the cardinal wants a third world rule of the USA, Can I ask is Cardinal Mahoney being paid off in little boys from mexico for his HELP Of the mexico city drug dealers?

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And in Gods name i would ask him to stop his evil doings!, if you know what i mean?

Mahoney stop the rape of a nation stop your evil in the name of God and in the name of life, but he is a lover of evil and what god is he really helping?