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Brynn Carlisle deLorimier
San Francisco, CA
shorts only - road tripper - car sleeper - guerilla gardener - metal lover - atheist - DC native - prez run good as over; let's flip the f'n Senate, OK?
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From @luckytran
Thank you, @TomSteyer for saying that climate change is one of the biggest security threats we face, and it can’t b…
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From @Rabidoggo
@luckytran @TomSteyer @tomsteyer is kinda winning the debate, along with @amyklobuchar. More solutions, less word s…
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.@Rabidoggo: supposed biologist @luckytran cheers @TomSteyer on "climate change". In an ad, Steyer correctly says Congress isn't keen on his solution. So, he intends to push his plans via exec orders (just like Trump). You're probably smarter than them & know how that'd fail.