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Thom Powers
#MiamiFF Mar 6-15
Podcast @PureNonfiction + @WNYC Documentary of the Week. Curate @TIFF_net @DOCNYCfest @MiamiFilmFest. Teach @svasocdoc. Made in Detroit.
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A 36-year-old lawyer who has never tried a case and who was unanimously deemed “not qualified”...
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.@thompowers: if you were selling HVAC, you'd do it differently in Barrow and Phoenix, correct? #TheResistance can't figure that out: they think Phoenix residents need heating appropriate for Barrow. If that's not clear, read that over and over until it is.
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.@thompowers: to #MAGA, it's a good thing Talley is inexperienced & ABA - an establishment group - doesn't like him. He does, however, have a huge weakness that'd undercut him to MAGA. Why haven't you heard about that? #TheResistance
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.@thompowers: Morgan Spurlock's #immigration "documentary" is just propaganda that helps growers exploit workers. Don't be a fool. #ows #oo