California's educational system in even worse shape than previously thought

California's schools used to be at the top of the nation, now, according to one ranking, we're between Alabama and Mississippi. This is largely, if not exclusively, due to "liberalism" (think Jackie Goldberg) as well as ethnically-compromised politicians who support illegal immigration (think Antonio Villaraigosa).

Via a comment from 'eh', Dan Walters offers "Dry statistical report portends immense tragedy in the making":
...Extrapolating from the two sets of data, the exit exam could push graduation rates for African American and Latino youngsters down to a third of those who begin the ninth grade - even lower in Los Angeles and other urban school districts.

As if that weren't disturbing enough, the CRB report also surveys data on college preparation and finds a skewed effect on non-white and non-Asian students as well. Of African American and Latino kids who get through high school now (before the exit exam), just 25 and 22 percent, respectively, have completed the coursework for admission to the University of California or California State University systems.

All in all, therefore, fewer than 15 percent of African American and Latino youngsters who begin the ninth grade will be prepared for four-year college admission...


To be fair, I first saw this story via a link on this blog.