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Dan Walters, SacBee, 2001: "New data prove that two-tier society is a fact of California life" - 05/21/11

The August 12, 2001 article "New data prove that two-tier society is a fact of California life" by Dan Walters of the Sacramento Bee is apparently not on their site any more. I'm copying it from here because it needs to be preserved as an example of the California Establishment realizing the problems they helped create:

Anti-science, anti-American: Reason TV misleads, sticks up for illegal immigration (Delta Smelt, Paul Feine) - 01/13/11

Reason Magazine's TV unit offers the misleading, anti-science, and anti-American video "Delta Smelt & Undocumented Farm Workers: How Federal Policy Is Failing CA's Central Valley" (below and at ). It begins with a sub-Sean Hannity discussion of the endangered Delta Smelt, but quickly becomes a plea for looser immigration policy and amnesty. As could be expected, Reason is either too intellectually dishonest or too dim to understand and admit the roles of externalities in what they promote. For an example, they interview Robert Silva, the mayor of Mendota and allow him...

Amy Chance of SacBee misleads about "amnesty" (Steve Poizner's anti-Meg Whitman ad) - 04/10/10

Sacramento Bee Political Editor Amy Chance offers "Ad Watch: Poizner launches largely misleading attack on Whitman" [1]. Referring to a recent anti-Meg Whitman ad from Steve Poizner which claims that Whitman "supports Obama's amnesty for illegal aliens", Chance writes: "Amnesty" is a hot-button term that exaggerates Whitman's views on illegal immigration. She said in October she supports a policy "where people stand at the back of the line, they pay a fine, they do some things that would ultimately allow a path to legalization." Now she says she was referring to creating a guest worker...

Will Jerry Brown far-left radio diatribes be used by Gavin Newsom, GOP to portray themselves as mainstream? - 10/21/09

For three years in the 90s, former California governor Jerry Brown had a radio program Berkeley's far-left KPFA. Jack Chang of the Sacramento Bee has obtained copies of some of the programs (link, see [1]) and is ready to reveal some of their shocking contents. He speculates that Gavin Newsom (a strong illegal immigration supporter) and the GOP might use the excerpts against Brown. For instance, consider this shocking bit: [Brown] said U.S. Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, both Democrats, had "sold out" U.S. truck drivers by letting their Mexican counterparts drive uninspected...

Felipe Calderon visits the colonies (safe, legal "migration") - 02/13/08

Mexican president Felipe Calderon visited five U.S. cities this week, and had 34 events scheduled with a wide range of movers and shakers (his wife had a few events also). Some of the dignitaries he met with are listed here; picture right is of him with New York governor Eliot Spitzer from Your must-read link is this roundup of his visit, with a few quotes from him congratulating Spitzer and others for their help. And, your takeaway is from this: At every stop, he has scheduled meetings with top local and state officials, some of whom have direct...

Arnoldo Torres, Arnold Schwarzenegger's Latino outreach director - 11/21/06

The largely wrong and illogical article "Schwarzenegger gains among Latinos" by Aurelio Rojas will be featured here later, but for now consider this interesting snippet:

California's educational system in even worse shape than previously thought - 03/11/06

California's schools used to be at the top of the nation, now, according to one ranking, we're between Alabama and Mississippi. This is largely, if not exclusively, due to "liberalism" (think Jackie Goldberg) as well as ethnically-compromised politicians who support illegal immigration (think Antonio Villaraigosa). Via a comment from 'eh', Dan Walters offers "Dry statistical report portends immense tragedy in the making": ...Extrapolating from the two sets of data, the exit exam could push graduation rates for African American and Latino youngsters down to a third of those who begin the...

Memo to Dan Walters: there's more to it than just the illegal aliens - 07/21/05

Dan Walters has a rather unremarkable column entitled "Debate over immigration never ends" that roundsup the attempts by Americans to end illegal immigration, and the attempts by those on the other side to encourage more of it. It includes the following: To many, illegal immigrants are simply human beings seeking to better themselves by filling difficult, low-paying jobs in agriculture, construction, restaurants and hotels that are vital to the economy. But to others, they are law-breaking invaders who drain the public treasury and whose ability to gain entry into California should not be...

Look, no one said not voting for Bush was going to be easy - 09/12/04

CalInsider ( ) directs us to "Hey, Guys, the Action's Down There" ( ): Look at Kerry's chief supporters and you see a new kind of elite, a veritable "hip-ocracy" of high-tech tycoons, Hollywood moguls and celebrities, and a bevy of Wall Street financiers. This group is bolstered by Americans with graduate degrees and a growing number of college and university faculty members.

"Dan Walters: Schwarzenegger pleases neither side in fight over licenses" - 09/03/04

Arnold's actions in the driver's licenses for illegal aliens matter so far are not as good as they could be, but it's the end result that matters. Dan Walters thinks he won't please either side: NEW YORK - Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger won boffo reviews for his prime-time Republican convention speech that extolled the virtues of fellow immigrants, but he returned to California on Thursday to veto a bill granting driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. Schwarzenegger has not been coy about his intention to veto the licensing bill, easily the most controversial of the hundreds of measures enacted...