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Pat Woods
Philadelphia, PA
Dad/Baseball/tech/drawings ~ Comms Lead Emeritus for @CodeforPhilly Banner from @amorygatsby #CivicTech ~ He/His/Him/Dad/Dude. My bad opinions are my own.
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From @TorresLuzardo
Turns out a SEPTA conductor shouting "Fox Chase" sounds a lot like a SEPTA conductor shouting "Fuck's sake".
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From @patwoodsdesign
@TorresLuzardo This is my favorite transit tweet of the week.
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From @TorresLuzardo
@patwoodsdesign Take that @saksappeal
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@TorresLuzardo: Conor Lamb lied right to @saksappeal 's face & Saksa repeated it. Either Saksa is helping Lamb lie, or Saksa lacks the journalistic ethics to call out Lamb on lying to him. Which do you think it is?