AZ Republicans rally for Protect Arizona Now

From the WashTimes:

An immigration initiative in Arizona that would require secure identification to vote in elections and to receive public benefits was endorsed yesterday by more than two dozen Republican state legislators and candidates at a rally outside the statehouse in Phoenix.

Arguing that illegal immigration in Arizona is out of control, the lawmakers and candidates said passage of Proposition 200 was a crucial first step in reducing the problem and would send a message to Mexico that illegal immigration is not condoned...

Sounds good! Who ever could be opposed to such a pro-American plan?

The Arizona proposition has drawn strong opposition from several organizations, including the 1.6 million-member Service Employees International Union, National Council of La Raza and the Mexican-American Legal and Educational Fund...

OK, that's to be expected.

But, wait!, you say. "McCain seeking ways to help defeat Prop. 200"

U.S. Sen. John McCain will meet with opponents of a controversial immigration ballot question in the coming days to see how he can help defeat the measure...

McCain, the rest of the state's congressional contingent, Gov. Janet Napolitano and the Arizona Chamber of Commerce are among those opposed to PAN. They contend that border security and immigration are not state issues. Critics also worry that if PAN passes it will stall federal guest worker and immigration reforms next year...

Former attorney general Grant Woods, lobbyist Steve Roman and state chamber officials are leading the effort against PAN... [Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon is also anti-PAN... anti-PAN forces are meeting with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce...]

See also "Left and Right, working together against everyone else." So far, none dare call it what it is, but that might have to change.

UPDATE: From this:

Grant Woods was cited and fined $1,400 in 1993 on two charges relating to knowingly employing someone not in this country legally as a nanny for his children... [he was AZ's attorney general at the time...] ... [Woods] did not deny continuing to employ Alison Basher after finding out she was in violation of immigration laws...

Don't read the following while drinking water:

...Woods also said he paid neither Social Security taxes nor unemployment insurance for Basher, saying she was an independent contractor (

Woods is trying to claim this is a personal attack. Partially it is. However, it's mainly an illustrative example of why people like Woods would be opposed to PAN.


The people are asking to be protected from treason, from the traitorous acts through which officials direct public funds to foreigners in the country illegally. Officials take umbrage that they might be prevented from performing this diversion of funds, which fits the definition of treason. They say it could interfere with the amnesty/guest worker proposals; which is a public confession that the aim of the proposals is to get more foreigners on to net public subsidy. A greatly enlarged welfare population would also build up the effective demand for that which the rulers of mexico dominate the traffic in. The rage of our suborned officials at measures which would limit the increase in the size of the population with these kind of dependencies, suggests a connection.