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Beth Cone Kramer
Los Angeles, CA
Politics and Word-Obsessed Writer, Barre-ista, Foodie. Life in 280 Characters or Less. LA Jersey Girl #SmugElitist
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From @WordswithSteph
Trump adds another despicable Republican extremist to his administration: Ken Cuccinelli, immigration advisor. Anti…
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From @bck27
@WordswithSteph They really scrape the bottom of the cesspool to find these people. They had to hire a consultant to boost morale.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@bck27 @WordswithSteph: Trump is very pro-amnesty & Cuccinelli is a GOP hack who'll do what Trump wants. You're being conned by your leaders into in effect supporting similar pro-Big Biz immigration policies to Trump's (his bluster aside).