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Mary Quite Contrary
Orange County, CA
Fmr Republican now Independent. Advocate of bipartisan solutions. Daughter of USAF Vietnam vet. Raised in active duty family lived in TX, CA, SD, OH & VA.
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From @JerryDunleavy
NEW: Hope Hicks told Mueller’s investigators that the U.S. intelligence community’s 2017 assessment that Russia int…
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From @Suquamish359
@JerryDunleavy @yashar Hicks also stated the sky is blue.
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From @ContraryMeri
@JerryDunleavy I could swear we've already heard this months ago.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Since 2015 I've been pointing out where Trump is extraordinarily vulnerable to his base: on his unworkable plans. Those like Dunleavy lack the smarts & patriotism to use it MT @Suquamish359 [duh] MT @JerryDunleavy [Hope Hicks says some CNN-style thing is Trump's "Achilles heel"]
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@ContraryMeri: Trump's ban either wasn't necessary or endangered the USA. The carefully-crafted question I've tweeted many times would make a Trump proxy admit that. Wouldn't that admission greatly harm Trump to his base? So, why hasn't @JerryDunleavy asked it? What's he lack?