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From @AnnCoulter
"What’s happening here isn’t politics. It’s vicious, old-fashioned dog training of the cruelest kind. Americans did…
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From @CSBoddie
@AnnCoulter True.
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From @rogerlsimon
@AnnCoulter @B50forever .And you haven’t been standing with Trump, only yourself. Grow up. An adult knows he or she…
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From @Daddywoman
@rogerlsimon @AnnCoulter @B50forever Such a great point Roger. This latest effort really lays bare the challenges h…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Coulter's horrific, but Simon's idea is extremely un-American. Stand with the USA, not your idol du jour. Eg, Trump's Muslim ban either wasn't needed or made USA less safe. MT @Daddywoman [I agree] MT @rogerlsimon And you haven’t been standing with Trump, only yourself
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@CSBoddie: hey Caryn, sports and culture are closely linked. @AnnCoulter has repeatedly smeared soccer as "moral decay", while extolling kneeball as an all-American sport. Who's better for the USA: Rose Lavelle or Coulter faves like O.J., Al Davis, and Ray Lewis?