ACLU now working with Mexican government

The San Diego chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is now working with directly with Mexico's Human Rights Commission, a quasi-governmental group that's independent from but funded by the Mexican government. The ACLU is a very strong supporter of illegal immigration but in the past the only known link between them and the Mexican government was indirect. Any future news report on the ACLU's efforts regarding immigration should mention their new direct link, and if it doesn't please contact the news source's editor. They should also be asked about this at public meetings or whereever else they discuss these issues

This also follows Mexican president Felipe Calderon stating that they're going to use U.S. non-profits to push their agenda inside the U.S.

The release from is in the extended entry; note that they incorrectly blame border deaths on attempts to enforce our laws, when the actual culprits include those like the ACLU who take every step possible to encourage and enable illegal immigration. They'll be working together to "explore legal actions" against Operation Gatekeeper. They also say that the "ACLU of San Diego is not receiving funding from any Mexican source for its work", hinting that even they know what they're doing is wrong.

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The release follows.
In a historic agreement to pursue joint strategies to protect the human rights of migrants moving across the Mexico-United States border, the ACLU of San Diego & Imperial Counties and the Comision Nacional de Derechos Humanos today signed a document declaring common goals and principles to address the serious human rights issues.

The Memorandum of Agreement between the two organizations charges the parties jointly to explore legal actions to challenge Operation Gatekeeper and other programs that have contributed to migrant deaths, and to educate a transnational audience about the issue of human rights tragedies at the border. More than $30 billion dollars have been spent on Gatekeeper since its inception, but the program has done little to prevent illegal entries—it has simply shifted them to the mountains and deserts east of San Diego, where migrants face much harsher conditions in remote, environmentally hostile areas.

The agreement was developed in reaction to the continually mounting death toll of now more than 5,000 migrants along the border, as well as the challenge of advocating on these issues effectively from just one side of the border. With respect to abuses by federal law enforcement agencies, for example, U.S. federal agencies have acted with immunity and a complete lack of transparency.

Kevin Keenan, Executive Director of the ACLU-San Diego and Dr. Jose Luis Soberanes, President of the Comision, signed the agreement at the "Justice in Mexico: Evaluating National and Local Strategies" conference at the Joan Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice, University of San Diego.

"Through this collaboration we hope to build bridges of understanding and justice, and tear down walls of prejudice and hate," said Dr. Soberanes. "It is intolerable that our two civilized nations have allowed so many deaths of migrants along the border since the adoption of Operation Gatekeeper," said Keenan. "By working together with Mexico's Human Rights Commission, we will hold our governments to account in ways that we could not do alone." David Shirk, Director of the Trans-Border Institute that hosted the conference, said, "We are pleased to serve as the backdrop for the signing of this historic agreement, and hope that this partnership will lead to a reversal of the tragic trends that have plagued our two nations in recent years."

The agreement calls for the organizations to host an invitation-only conference of experts in June to focus on bi-national advocacy strategies for attacking inhumane policies affecting migrants, especially deaths from border crossings; to meet again following the U.S. elections in November to update its plans; to cooperate on other lawsuits, advocacy efforts, and educational campaigns on a case-by-case basis; and to seek funding for these efforts in their respective countries. The ACLU of San Diego is not receiving funding from any Mexican source for its work.


Makes me sick that "American" is being used as part of the organization's name. Other than their physical locations, it's the farthest thing from the truth. The "LU" ought to move across the border and challenge the laws and the citizens there, instead of constantly attacking the US.

so let me get this straight...the ACLU is partnering with a FOREIGN government in a joint effort to litigate against Operation Gatekeeper which is simply policy to enforce a border, something inherent to being a sovereign nation. Basically, they don't like borders, especially effective ones. If not outright denying the sovereign's right to enforce a border they're saying the U.S. has no right to enforce a border where most people would prefer to cross!? What is their point exactly? Even though the ACLU's consistent opposition to immigration law enforcement looks political they could still rationalize their positions as related to due process, equal protection, etc. although it's sometimes a stretch. But this latest announcement really gives them away. What does this in any way have to do with the ACLU's reported mission? What is the constitutional right involved? Here is all they mention that could tie in to individual rights: 'With respect to abuses by federal law enforcement agencies, for example, U.S. federal agencies have acted with immunity and a complete lack of transparency.' That's it. There's nothing specific about abuses. It's almost all about crossing deaths which are not the result of any abuse by enforcement agencies but a CHOICE by the crossers to attempt to illegally enter. The deaths they complain about simply are not in the custody of or at the hands of U.S. agents. If the goal is to deter illegal crossings, it is dumb to try to deter it at the border when once you make it across you're home free. Obviously the effective way to deter border crossing deaths is interior deterrence. But is the ACLU for *anything* like employer sanctions which would actually deter crossings and thus save lives? Of course not. Thus, they can say it's all about saving lives but they're full of it unless they want to call for a moratorium on all border enforcement. But they're not taking that impractical but at least honest stance. For an organization which wants to make it as easy as possible to reside illegally by undermining interior deterrence to team up with a government which systematically sends its people across this border and then cry about crossing deaths is ironic but mostly just sleazy. This is the ultimate irony. The ACLU, supposedly defenders of the First Amendment, has teamed up with a Mexican official with no clue about it: Through this collaboration we hope to build bridges of understanding and justice, and tear down walls of prejudice and hate, -- Dr. Jos Luis Soberanes, President of the Comisin Yeah, right. Hey ACLU, tell your new demagoguing partner that in our country there's a constitutional right to all the prejudice and hate anyone wants. The SPLC goes for rhetoric like that but you should be embarrassed. 'The ACLU of San Diego is not receiving funding from any Mexican source for its work.' Great analysis

Hey, this is the same group that stood up for the "Man Boy Love Association" and the two creeps that killed 9 year old Jeffrey Curley in MA. Nothing,I mean NOTHING they do surprises me.

Well yes most of the Lawyers are in fact hispanic in the ACLU and is you think that is nuts go check its out and see for yourself, and report back.