Three questions for the American Civil Liberties Union (Kevin Keenan)

On April 24, 2008 I sent an email to the American Civil Liberties Union's San Diego chapter, directed to their president Kevin Keenan. I listed a few questions I had for them concerning the fact that they're collaborating with the Mexican government to in effect block immigration enforcement. Needless to say, I haven't heard back. (Note: See the first link for the details on the collaboration).

However, if you'd like to do a good turn, please go to any event where someone from the ACLU is speaking - preferably about immigration but not necessarily so - and ask them one of these questions on videotape. Then, upload their response to video sharing sites. The goal is to discredit them and reduce their ability to block enforcement of our laws.

1. Isn't the only logical way to prevent border deaths to either declare completely open borders, or to strictly enforce our laws? With the former, no one would try to cross the desert, and with the latter only a very few would try it because they would know that they couldn't find jobs and access anything beyond emergency services. However, if illegal immigration is considered somewhat acceptable, doesn't that lead to people trying to cross the desert, with some dying along the way? And, haven't almost all the ACLU's efforts in this area in effect encouraged or enabled illegal immigration? How many cases has the ACLU supported that served to discourage illegal immigration? Is there even one such case?

2. Will the ACLU be registering as a Registered Foreign Agent under FARA ( If not, could you provide details on why you think you aren't required to register?

3. The press release said you weren't getting any funds from Mexico. Why was that included? Does the ACLU somehow think that if they aren't getting a share of Mexico's profits that somehow makes this partnership OK?


its part of the NAU Its here and its evil as hell just look at mexico and the civil war happening in front of you, and our government needs that to happen to make the NAU Happen.