Why the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund PAC is bogus

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Here are excerpts of an email from the Tea Party "Patriots". Why their group and their new PAC is bogus will be discussed below:

Dear Patriot,

My name is Jenny Beth Martin. I helped found Tea Party Patriots... ...Please become a charter supporter of the new Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund PAC...

...Through the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund we are going to beat big-government Republicans in primaries and Obama-loving Democrats in the general election.

- If they supported the recent "bipartisan" tax hike โ€“ they are on our list.

- If they refuse to get on board with the effort to abolish ObamaCare โ€“ we are keeping track.

- If they stand with Barack Obama instead of the American people โ€“ we will defeat them!

...America needs more Rand Pauls, more Ted Cruzes and more Marco Rubios.

And fewer John McCains, Lindsay Grahams and Harry Reids!

Both Rand Paul and Marco Rubio are strong supporters of legalizing almost all illegal aliens in the U.S. Ted Cruz isn't as bad as them, but he still supports a massive legalization program. See their names' links for much more.

Such a massive legalization program (aka comprehensive immigration reform, aka amnesty) would end up making millions more eligible for the Obamacare that the Tea Party "Patriots" claim they oppose. It would also give the Democratic Party vastly increased political power, since those legalized millions would end up becoming voters sooner or later. The Democrats would use that increased power to fight the agenda of the Tea Party "Patriots" and to make sure that Obamacare is never repealed.

In other words, the Tea Party "Patriots" are assisting the problems they claim to oppose: they're part of the problem.

That's not to say that John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Harry Reid are any better, just that - when it comes to giving the Democrats millions of new voters - Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz are giving them a run for their money.

If the Tea Party "Patriots" were actual patriots, they'd realize the threat that a massive amnesty poses to the U.S. and they wouldn't support any of those politicians listed above: they'd work to better those politicians' immigration positions. Instead, they're enabling amnesty and attempts by the Democrats to get millions of new voters.

Considering donating to the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund PAC? Choose a PAC that puts American interests first.

Please write @JennyBethM with your thoughts, and send this post to anyone who supports the bogus "Patriots".