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Acts 17 KJV/NASB, respectively
Audacious writer who faithes in Jesus Christ, & His Word. Miss me w/ attacking @DLoesch & @ChrisLoesch I don't s/w/r any Mid-East language but 🇮🇱 ¡Oralé! 🇺🇲
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From @jennybethm
RT this ridiculous video from 2011: Obama says he can’t change laws on his own…and then he does!! #teaparty
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From @valeria_younger
.@jennybethm Is this the same president that said he had a pen and a phone? Go figure.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@valeria_younger: how much did @jennybethm spend on a border video that had zero impact on Obama doing his amnesty? You deserve better.