Why I voted for Trump

I was forced into voting for Trump because his leading opponents haven't shown they'd be better on many issues and would be dramatically worse on many other issues. Since I'm in California my vote is completely symbolic, but this post is for those in states that matter in the national election.

I'm by no means a Trump fan; see the dozens of anti-Trump posts on the Donald Trump page. Trump's many character flaws have led to actions that have greatly hurt the USA; he has blood on his hands over his gross mismanagement of the pandemic.

However, what have his leading opponents actually done to show that they would have done a better job on things like the pandemic? For many of them, Trump has been a godsend: he's kept them afloat selling books, appearing on TV, and getting clicks. Instead of doing smart things that would have made Trump do a better job, all they did is join the "Trump ecosystem", playing the yin to Trump's yang.

And, on key issues, they'd be even worse than Trump:

  • Immigration: despite his tough talk, Trump is very weak on the issue. When he's pushed amnesty, his base has pushed back and stopped him. If the Dems were in charge, they might succeed with the anti-American DREAM Act or even full comprehensive immigration reform where Trump failed.
  • Censorship: the GOP and conservatives in general are as eager to censor their opponents as the Dems, they just don't have the power to make it happen. Give the Dems and the media more power and they'll use it to quash dissent as much as they can get away with.
  • Cultural issues: Trump had a chance to undercut the racial power group BLM but failed miserably. His few arguments against them and SJWs in general are incredibly weak and, as anyone who's watched any U.S. sporting event in 2020 knows, have been completely ineffective. He's also repeatedly given SJWs material to work with, in part because he's grossly incompetent and in part to rile up his base. However, if the Dems were in charge SJWs would be given free rein, causing permanent damage to the USA.

Consider two tragedies that happened on Trump's watch, Hurricane Maria and the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Hurricane Maria: Puerto Rico is smaller than Connecticut, its highest point is lower than the highest point of Los Angeles City (and less than half the highest point of the County), and has fewer residents than the City. It took over a week to get teams to each of the 300 or so settlements on the island; that could've happened in a couple of days if Trump were competent and patriotic. If Trump's leading opponents were capable of doing a better job, then why didn't they? Trump is extremely malleable; taking smart actions that would put his pride on the line or endanger his standing with his base would have forced him to do a better job. What did his opponents do instead? They just used Trump's incompetence to get attention (see the tweets to Carmen Yulín Cruz and Chef Jose Andres). Trump's opponents just played their usual childish games that made Trump even worse.
  • The Pandemic: Trump's gross incompetence has cost thousands of lives: downplaying the threat, allowing infections to spread, not getting enough supplies, politicizing the issue, taking everything as a personal attack, opposing wearing masks, and even infecting those in his administration. He couldn't have done worse if he were intending to hurt the USA and kill as many people as possible. Now ask yourself: what have his opponents done that shows they would have done a better job? They too politicized the issue, even trying to racialize a pandemic. For over 7 months I've been pushing a smart plan that would have forced Trump to do a better job on C19. It's something Trump's opponents could have easily done and still could easily do. I spent hundreds of dollars on ads pushing the plan and I've spent countless hours trying to make it happen. Did Trump's opponents do that or similar? No: it was just one clickbait blog after another, one emotional breakdown after another, one cheap stunt after another. Instead of using Trump's emotional weaknesses to make him do a better job, they obsessed over how he drank a glass of water once and other childish nonsense.

Talk is cheap: what have Trump's opponents actually done to make him do a better job for the USA?

At any time during the last 5+ years, have they even once ever showed any degree of competence at another other than using Trump to get on TV or virtue signal about not liking the cut of his jib?

If Trump loses, it will validate every idiotic, childish, un- and anti-American thing his worthless opponents have done and empower people who are even worse than Trump and his core supporters.

As horrific as Trump has been, what he'd do with another four years wouldn't be as bad as what his opponents would do.