Why is Ed Morrissey promoting a skilled immigration edge case, and will HotAir take a fall on amnesty?

Over at HotAir, there's nothing I can find about yesterday's re-introduction of an amnesty bill. Meanwhile, Ed Morrissey offers "A curious case of visa denial" [1] which is a bit of a conservative version of a PIIPP (see that link if you aren't familiar with that term). A Romanian gym coach came here on an H1B visa and applied for a green card; the visa was renewed once but not a second time. In the meantime, his wife has started a business and apparently due to his efforts the school where he teaches has increased their membership. It sounds like he has some friends to help him out: actor Adam Baldwin recommended the case to Morrissey and Chris Shays has written a letter on his behalf. Maybe he should stay, and maybe a private relief bill would be a good idea; I don't know him and haven't looked into the matter.

Not to read too much into this, but what exactly is Morrissey's goal with stories like this? Is he trying to promote skilled immigration? If so, what limits would he set? If someone sympathetic to him or those in his sphere can't get in due to the limits, how would he determine that they should be let in? Does Morrissey think we should just have skilled immigration and not that of the low-skill variety?

And, are there conditions under which HotAir would try to get their readers to support amnesty or would they be slicker about it and just ignore it or offer a weak, setup opposition? I strongly suspect that it would be one of those two; I can't see HotAir going to the wall over this issue. See for instance Morrissey's past coverage of the George W Bush immigration plans [2].

[1] hotair.com/archives/2009/12/16/a-curious-case-of-visa-denial
[2] captainsquartersblog.com/mt/archives/000759.php


why? its race and political but old Ed Morrissey will also be disappeared in time by the people he loves so much. amnesty is coming but how many will come after this evil amnesty is made no one can say. I think about 100 million within 10 to 20 years and the next amnesty will be made by our little brown brothers, and not to come here but to allow some white American to stay here.

Isn't Ed Morrissey essentially your standard neocon? Is there anything else to him (besides the smirk)?