Where's Lisa Miller's compassion for billions of people? (Washington Post, On Faith, religion editor)

Lisa Miller is the religion editor of the Washington Post, and she offers a disreputable column designed to support illegal immigration in "The biblical case for immigration reform" ( peekURL.com/zw9kwbn ).

First, for those new to these issues, there's nothing in her piece about good policy or what's best for most people. Her goal is simply to support her bosses' agenda.

And, in that she's shameless, comparing her (Jewish) family's story of escaping Belgium from the Nazis to Mexican economic opportunists:

"I only remember saying goodbye to everyone, boarding a plane and crying because I was terrified of planes," writes a 13-year-old girl, who was born in Mexico and came here illegally when she was 5, on the Web site My Immigrant Story. "When we arrived, I remember it was really cold."

(...Ted Cruz says legalizing illegal aliens is unfair to legal immigrants...)

...the question [Cruz] raises is a reasonable one. Does a plan that ultimately gives citizenship to that 13-year-old Mexican girl disrespect or do injustice to the memory of my grandmother ' and all the other immigrants over the generations who played by the rules and risked their lives to come here?

...Nearly half of the Jews in Belgium perished. My grandparents were lucky... [My grandmother's] understanding of fairness would have come not from the Bible or even from the law but from her own experience. She would never, I am sure, begrudge that 13-year-old girl her citizenship. She would want her to learn English, as she did, and raise a family and thrive.

Don't be surprised at how shameless Lisa X. Miller is: illegal immigration is a multi-billion dollar "industry", and plenty of people have their hands out for a cut. They're willing to say anything, and people like Lisa Miller serve as their public face.

It's a simple fact that there's no comparison between Jews fleeing the Nazis and Mexicans trying to increase their incomes. And, the more Mexicans that move here, the worse off Mexico becomes as they lose their strivers who could stay and press for political reforms.

It's also a simple fact that Mexico is a relatively rich country. There are around 5 billion people around the world poorer than Mexicans. Millions around the world are facing starvation as you read this; in 2010 there were 925 million hungry people per peekURL.com/zjwubrP with over half a billion in Asia and the Pacific alone. Untold numbers have unsafe or unreliable water supplies; untold numbers live near open sewage canals.

Lisa Miller's plan to help Mexicans would actually harm millions of people in the U.S. and in Mexico. At the same time, Lisa X. Miller has no concern for the starving billions who aren't lucky enough to live in a country that shares a border with the U.S.

Write her with your thoughts: @LisaXMiller Even better, do a search for those who talk to her or who she talks to, and send them the link to this page.