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Bad John Brown
The United States of America
Saying true things many are too nice to say. A Progressive. Bernie is the leader we need now. Trump is a pathological liar & a danger. #BernieBeatsTrump
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From @MaxBoot
Trump is drawn to unethical hustlers because he’s one himself. That may be barely tolerable for the head of a small…
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From @BadJohnBrown
@MaxBoot @wildwestpie It's more than that. Those are the only people who respect Trump.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@BadJohnBrown: it's great to see a warmonger who pushed the Iraq War like @MaxBoot sticking up for the military against Trump's supposed comments. Imagine a smart Trump proxy. (Smarter than Boot, so set your sights low). Could Boot hold his own in a debate with them?