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From @PhilMcCausland
If the Trump administration makes its proposed changes to SNAP, 3.7 million people could lose access to food stamps…
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From @BergScotty
@PhilMcCausland @NBCNews No they will not! It just means they will have to spend their drug, booze, and cigarette money on food!
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From @DSandyToes6
@BergScotty @PhilMcCausland @NBCNews Wow. Tell that to my disabled 75 year old friend who lives on $800 a month Social Security.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@DSandyToes6: GOP gets away with cutting SNAP to help billionaires *because of* those like @PhilMcCausland. Ultimately, their only response is censorship & clearly that doesn't work. In 4+ years, they've never once shown Trump wrong to his base over his absurdly flawed ideas.